Monday, July 15, 2013

Family Fun Night 2013!

Other than spreading the messages of their faiths, of course, there is one thing I am convinced churches all across America love to do more than anything else: EAT.

Haha, there were lots of folks getting together to have a good time this weekend in our little town, and on Friday night we were having a blast at VBS Family Night. Our family extends well beyond the five people that live in our household, for sure. Getting together with church family and friends from the community is always a good time!

We put in a long week last week, and we were happy to do so for these guys.

Miss a lot of these kiddos already!

After a week of serving together, we played together. :) Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

I may have had to sample both of the girls' sno-cones. Quality testing, you know. 

The "balloon lady" was amazing. I can't even explain the creations she was whipping out for the kids, but I have never seen such awesome balloon art, and I'm kicking myself for not taking pictures of all of the different things she was making. My girls went the pirate and princess route. :)

There were sprinkles inside of Gracie's wand that moved all around with of the static of the balloons. SO COOL. 

We got the balloon lady's card, haha. Totally calling her for future parties. :)

Gracie waited very patiently to get her face painted. They were doing some elaborate designs, but we didn't think Grace would sit still long enough for more than a simple butterfly, haha.

We visited daddy at the popcorn machine. :) 

There were all sorts of lawn games set up....

And a dunking booth...what would we do without a dunking booth? (God bless the volunteers for that one! Haha.)

People were taking rides on roller coasters inside in the simulator room, but outside there were cardboard roller coaster cars for the kids to play in, and Gracie LOVED them. She took her popcorn and made herself comfy. Seriously. Give a kid a cardboard box!

I could just share pictures all day long. I only took a couple hundred.

Reagan with his great aunt Jamie. :) 

VBS Family Night 2013 was a total success! Any time we have events like these they are open community-wide, and I will always be here inviting you all to join in the fun, haha. We enjoy serving our community, and there isn't a price on fun. From the bounce house, to all of the food and drinks, to face painting and balloons...all of it is free. Can't have a better family night than that! :D

Until next year...!


Heather said...

Love the balloon lady. My friend Nicole had her make me a balloon man for my 30th birthday. She even delivers like a florist does. Best surprise ever.

Adrien said...

That is awesome! I was seriously impressed. :)

Cassie said...

i think i need balloon lady's card please and thank you.

love all of the pictures.

that one picture of gracie and reagan, it hink she looks a lot like evie in that picture. and that little boy's smile - love it!

Adrien said...

Eric has the card - I'll pass on the info when I see it! :)


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