Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Memories

I really can't believe it's July! Time to look back at another month. :)

I think I'll start with the youngest this time, because...drum roll please...

I now officially OFFICIALLY have three mobile children. (Help me now!) Reagan is a mover and a shaker. Before, he could scoot and roll to get around,  and he could get up on all fours and rock, but now he can crawl like it's nobodies business. He's quite proud of himself, and we are proud of him, too. Our baby boy is growing up!

So far this has only been a good thing. I am loving that I can sit Reagan on the floor and that he actually plays with his sisters. Evelyn and Grace have been enjoying all of their old baby toys being brought up from downstairs, too. Reagan hasn't quite yet discovered that he can get into things, he's just pretty excited that he can crawl across the floor to reach a toy or his favorite thing of all - the remote control. I'm enjoying watching him explore his new freedom. Ah...this period only lasts for a little while. A very little while.

Reagan is still a mama's boy, but he has a new fondness for his daddy these days. Besides jabbering "dadadada"all the time, he reaches out for Eric, likes cuddling up to his pops, and his face lights up when he walks through the door. It's crazy how much a child can grow overnight. I blinked and my baby changed. I'm going to start taping my eyes open.

Gracie is just Gracie! She's talking up a storm, her smile gets bigger and brighter every day, and she has a stellar sense of humor. Her laugh is infectious. :) She, too, is growing up.

Lately Gracie's favorite game is tackle mommy. If I'm sitting on the floor, forgetaboutit. Before I even realize what's happening she bowls me over and sits on my chest...or if she's feeling particularly feisty, on my HEAD. It's a good thing the little stinker doesn't weigh much! She is a strong kid, I'll tell you what. I wouldn't cross her. (And no, she isn't doing it to be mean...I'm usually laughing harder than she is, haha.)

Perhaps my current favorite Gracie-ism this month is when she puts her little hands together beneath her chin and begs "Please, pretty please" when she wants something. This is HUGE coming from my middle child, who used to go nuts if you asked her to say the "P" word. Somewhere along the way she decided it was socially acceptable, and man, I just can't resist those pretty pleases!

Evelyn definitely had a big month. My oldest turned four years old and had some really great birthday celebrations. I continue to be amazed at the thing she says and the concepts she understands. Yesterday she helped to put together a puzzle that I thought was way advanced for her, but she breezed right through it. (Score! She promised to be my puzzle partner since Eric isn't into such "boring" things.)

Evie is meant to be a mom someday. She already talks about her kids in a totally un-normal for a four year old way. She interjects often into our conversations how she is going to do things when she has kids of her own. When I made some toast for her yesterday she said, "I'm going to make toast with blueberries for my kids!" When we talk about trips she talks about where she's going to take her kids. When I correct her for something, she tells me how she's going to correct her kids. Haha. It's kind of insane. I love her. She is a little mama.

We did a lot this month! Here are a few of our memories....

I'm thankful for these monthly wrap ups, because even I would forget some of the things we have done!

So...I have a lot on my plate this week, and I'm still suffering a few symptoms of my concussion...namely headaches and being really tired. I need prayer to get through the next couple of weeks! Hope you have a great day! I'm off to construct a circus tent. Haha. My life!


Heather said...

Gosh I love these posts. Can't get over how much Reagan looks like you. And the girls...growing like crazy! Love watching it!

Adrien said...

I still love when anyone says he looks like me. :)

sblind2 said...

I was thinking the same thing ... he has your eyes!!
LOVE the girls parade dresses!


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