Thursday, July 11, 2013

Monsters at the Movies!

Welcome to the movies! Welcome to the the stars! Welcome to this grand illusion - all of it's yours, right through these doors! 

Only happy endings...that's our recipe! So, welcome to the movies wait...and...seeeee!!!!

I've been singing this song ever since we took the girls to see Monsters University last Friday, haha.

It was Evelyn and Grace's very first experience at a movie theater. Neither Eric nor I had any clue what to expect, but we knew that we had to wait for just the right movie to try to take the girls. It became pretty obvious recently which movie that should be when the girls became obsessed with Monsters University. Any kind of commercial or preview for anything surrounding the film caused squeals of delight throughout our house. Evie found a picture in a magazine one day and immediately put it on the refrigerator, haha.

Yep. That sealed it. This is the movie we were going to see!

The timing would be just about right. Taking the girls to see a movie also meant another big step for our family - leaving Reagan behind for more than a few hours.

To most parents this isn't a big deal, and Reagan is eight months old, so you'd think that would've happened a long time ago. But not for an exclusively breastfeeding mama that can't pump bottles for her baby. Leaving Reagan was nerve-wracking, because it meant taking off for at least four hours and hoping that the applesauce we left would be enough to hold him over until we got back. For eight long months I wore Reagan on my hip and held him like he was an accessory. Not having him by my side was like that feeling you get when you forget your wedding ring or your phone somewhere. I was naked! Haha.

It meant finally trying and then admitting that my baby might not be so dependent on me anymore. So how did it go? Well....

The girls were SO EXCITED. We planned to go to a morning matinee on a Friday when hopefully there wouldn't be so many people there. We packed ourselves up, nervously dropped Reagan off with my mom, drove all the way to South County, walked the girls up to the ticket counter...and the movie was sold out. :(

Talk about disappointing! The next showing wasn't for over an hour, and there was no way we could stick around to wait, because the clock was ticking on Reagan's feed-o-meter. So we had to buy tickets for a movie later that afternoon and drive all the way home. I felt really really bad for the girls. Some trip to the movies for the first time, haha.

That mishap also meant having to leave Reagan for a second time that day and spending even MORE time away from him. The drive there and back was already a nearly two hour trip for nothing. I ended up spending half the day away from my baby. It was a good thing, and necessary thing, but it wasn't easy. :)

But we eventually made it! I wish I could have gotten better pictures of the experience, but oh well! We did snap a couple. :)

We grabbed our popcorn and drinks and found some seats. And then my first fear came true. As soon as the previews began Evelyn threw her hands over her ears and said, "It's too loud!" Haha, oh boy. Eventually she adjusted to it, but for about the first 20 minutes she sat cowering in her daddy's lap. :)

We loved the movie! It was longer than the typical 90 minute kids movie, so the girls definitely got antsy toward the end, but even Gracie surprised me with how long she sat and watched. We only kicked the people in front of us...oh...three times. So not too bad. Baha. Each of the girls had to get up once to use the potty, so this mama definitely missed some parts. I was just as excited as the girls to see it. :D

We were especially thankful to our friend Brody who made sure we were supplied with plenty of snacks for our trip! He gave Evelyn a special gift on her birthday just for this day. Thank you, Brody!! We enjoyed it. :)

Another first is on the books for our girls! It was a fun day, and guess what? Reagan survived. I know you were really worried about that, but yes...he did make it without his mom. Whew! 

Hope you guys have a great rest of the day. Tonight is our LAST night of VBS. I can't believe it. Evelyn and Grace have had so much fun this week, and it'll be strange not hearing them walking around the house belting out the songs all day. After family night I'll be counting down to next year. Haha. Happy day, friends!


Heather said...

Ahhh! So jealous! I've been wanting to see this movie too!! Looks like they had a great time.

sblind2 said...

YAY - we loved the movie too, but ... I can't believe Mike as the disco ball wasn't part of the movie - after the movie I told Matt did I miss the disco ball when Brody had to go potty!?!? =(

Adrien said...

Go see it, Heather!!

I was surprised by that, too! Wonder if there will be an extended dvd edition, haha.

Sarah Davis said...

Glad the girls loved the movie!

Yay for Mommy leaving little man and everything went well!

Christine Pettijohn said...

We loved the movie to and it was Isaacs first as I know you read.


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