Monday, July 1, 2013

Small Town Pride

What a weekend! It started off kind of insane, but it ended fabulously. I've had several friends asking me how things are going. Thank you for your concern! I have had a dull headache since Friday, but no other symptoms, thankfully. I'm going back to the chiropractor again this afternoon to continue working on getting my head on straight. ;)

After a crazy Friday morning we headed out for a night at the Fireman's Picnic - a summertime staple for small town living! The weather was perfect, the lemonade was flowing, and creaky carnival rides were whirring and blinking. Our girls were in heaven!

I love sharing memories with my kids that I have from my own childhood. And that's why I love this darn little festival so much. Follow the smells of funnel cakes and the sounds of twangy music lofting on the breeze, and you'll find yourself at a celebration in the heartland. Ain't nothing like it. :)

The absolute best time to go to the Fireman's Picnic is early Friday night. There are no lines, everyone is happy, and...there are no lines. Haha.

It wouldn't be a picnic without some lemonade shakeups, and there were plenty to go around!

I'd like to title these next few photos..."Don't just stand there - bust a move!" My girls never met a beat that they didn't wiggle to. And live music? Forget about it!


Watch out Ev, Gracie's coming through. :)

It was a seriously good evening, and I was just thankful that I was able to go and enjoy it with my family. With our feel-good cups running over we left satisfied and with plenty of new memories to store up!

On Saturday evening Eric and I had a night out with Mr. Reagan running errands and getting away for a bit while the girls played with their grandma and grandpa. Our little "date nights" are so priceless to me. I spend almost all of my time with people below waist height, and I NEED time alone with Eric. Even if we're not 100% alone, haha. Reagan's an easy baby, so it hardly counts when he's along. :)

Sunday was a packed day with church, a VBS teacher's meeting, and then the Fireman's Parade. It was Reagan's first parade experience, and when he wasn't smiling, he was sleeping! That's okay, buddy.

The girls had fun, and it didn't rain, which meant the day was a success! I remember many parades as a child, picking up candy off of wet streets and dodging puddles. And while it looked like the skies could open up at any moment and pour down on us, they never did. With the breeze blowing it was the coolest almost-July day I can ever remember! Awesome.

On Sunday evening we took a stroll back through the picnic on our evening walk, confirming what we already knew to be true...early Friday night is the time to go for young families. It was crowded and lines were long. We booked it right out of there and enjoyed the peace and quiet of lazy streets. A pretty stranger pulled up and offered us some ride tickets while we were walking. Sure are some nice folks in our town. ;)

It's my favorite weekend of the whole summer, and it has come and gone. Now I can't get this song or this song out of my head. I would not trade small town living for a million bucks! I love it.


Heather said...

Oh those lemonade shake ups are my weakness every year. Looks like you guys had a great weekend! Glad you are feeling better. Just saw your post from Saturday. STAY SAFE!

Cassie said...

awwww - this is great. love the picnic in town and your family is just too cute.


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