Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Step Right Up!!

We now interrupt a week of blog catch up to share some memories in the making! :)

Last night I found myself walking the halls at church filled with so much joy I nearly burst into tears. It was the middle of a night of Vacation Bible School, and the sounds circling around me from all directions made me ridiculously happy.

I could hear the far off echoes of kids playing games in the gym, the sounds of gleeful music floating from the sanctuary as a group learned new songs in music class, there were giddy squeals and screams from a class taking their turn in the roller coaster simulator. I kept walking to find friends making crafts together, teachers having snacks with their classes and the ladies in the kitchen chatting and doing their thing. Every corner of the building was full of people...with love and laughter. It was quite possibly the best moment working in VBS that I've ever had, and in that moment it was if I was getting a little hug from God himself as he said, "This is exactly where you're supposed to be."

I couldn't wait to share some pictures with you of all of the fun we've been having. I've been holding myself back all week, haha.

The kids have many different areas to rotate to throughout the night. They are always on the move!

Teachers have fun decorating their classrooms for the week. These cute decorations are in the kindergarten room this year!

When we get a little hungry, we take a trip to the Cotton Candy Cafe...

We've been enjoying all kinds of snacks this week, from cookies and kool-aid to ice cream and corn dogs. There is always plenty to go around!

The kids (and teachers!) LOVE taking coaster rides in our roller coaster simulator. It really does feel like you are riding a roller coaster! :D

I wish you could hear the sounds that come from this room, ahahaha.

Music is a huge part of Vacation Bible School and was always one of my favorite parts of the night. I still like joining in a class and learning the words and motions to the songs. :)

There are some awesome songs this year!

Crafts is such a fun rotation where boys and girls can create keepsakes to take home with them from the week. 

Games are always being played, inside and outside.

(Evelyn is having the time of her LIFE this week!)
Why can't all school be this fun? Haha.

The children learn so much in just a week, and they soak it all up like little sponges. When everything works together to reinforce the same principles, kids really grasp the concepts better. The lessons, songs, crafts, and everything they do are all based around a central theme and with one goal in mind. This year, the children are learning all about how to face fears and trust God. It's been an amazing week so far!

No matter where you look there are always people just laughing and having a good time.

I am seriously going to be sad when it's over. Don't tell anyone, but my mind is already reeling with ideas for next year, haha.

We are still getting new faces popping in every night, and it's not too late to join us! Our workers are all members of the church, but the majority of the kiddos are not. This is just one way we love to serve families in our community. Sigh...if I won the lottery I would start my own school and I would make it just like this one. We might throw in some Math skills or something, too. ;)

Family night is this Friday at 6:30pm. Anyone is welcome to join us. Bounce houses, a dunk tank, face painting, carnival food and more...and it's all free! We'll be there having a blast. :)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a letter to the parents to write. I've been taking on some of the director responsibilities this year. So if you have any questions, you can ask me! 

Have a happy day!


Christine Pettijohn said...

LOVE this post. Wyatt is having so much fun. He is looking forward to tonight! All of you do and did an awesome job with everything!!

Adrien said...

Thanks, Christine! Glad Wyatt is having fun again this year! :)


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