Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Surprise, Shannon!

I am pooped. We are well into VBS now, and I'm forgetting about meetings and all other kinds of things, because my brain has been all Vacation Bible School all day, every day. And the SONGS. I can't get the songs out of my head! If you've asked a favor of me - sorry, I probably forgot. Ask again. :)

Well, my little sister Shannon is long gone. She left on Sunday for Marine bootcamp. The girl is CRAZY. She's away now with no internet access, so I can say that. Haha. CrAzY. We are praying for her every single day, because nobodies lying about it...her life is going to suck for three months. She was aware of that of course, but she also knew that no one could really describe it exactly to her beforehand, because you just don't get it until you do it yourself. There is nothing else in the world like bootcamp to compare it to.

Sucktacular, that's what I say. And she was excited to go until the very end. I hope that she does have some rewarding moments while she is away on her adventure. The girl isn't even 18 yet! And speaking of that....

Shannon's birthday is August 27, and we knew that we wouldn't be celebrating her 18th birthday with her. So my mom decided at the very last minute...literally the night before she was set to leave...to throw her a surprise birthday party. :) Her boyfriend was in on the whole thing and helped us out by keeping her away while things were set up.

How convenient that the centerpiece from the 4th of July fit in with the rest of the decor. :)

When we walked through the front door we were hit with the yummy aroma of mostaccioli bubbling away and garlic bread baking - probably one of my favorite meals. My mama cooks good. Ha! 

Evelyn even practiced her lettering for Shannon. I dictated how to spell "We will miss you" and this is what she put down.

Look closely enough and you'll see that most of the letters are indeed there, they are just all over the paper, haha.

The kids hid and we waited as Brendon and Shannon made their way to the front door. She truly was surprised when she walked inside, and these pictures of my parents crack me up!

I think she was thankful that we thought of her birthday, and we were just glad for another excuse to squeeze out as much last minute time with her as possible. Thanks mom for coming up with this idea; I'm sure Shannon will think back to it when times are hard!

We even brought out the "special" candle when it was time for cake, haha.

We've sung many happy birthdays around the family table, but none quite like this. It was a happy birthday to be tucked into the heart and pulled out again later. I know that it will just be another day for Shannon and not acknowledged at all, but I hope that she doesn't have a cruddy day on her real birthday. Who knows, maybe Shannon will come back and say, "That was awesome!" Wishful thinking, but maybe. ;)

I know she can't see this now, but Good Luck, Shannon! Praying for you girl!

And we hope that when the day comes, she really does have a good birthday. :)


sblind2 said...

Good Luck to Shannon!

Sarah said...

Looooooove it!!! Good luck Shannon <3

Heather said...

Love your dads face in those last few pictures. He looks so proud.

Good Luck Shannon!!!

Christine Pettijohn said...

Good Luck Shannon!

Adrien said...

I will let her know who wished her luck when we write for the first time. Thanks, girls! :)

Cassie said...

awwwww - this is really really awesome! you know she will remember this forever.

and hey - whether it's the best or worst decision, all she wants is your love and support.

good luck shannon! and thank you!


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