Thursday, August 22, 2013

Evie's First Day of School

Evelyn had a fantastic day yesterday as she went skipping off to her first day of preschool. We could tell as we walked toward the school that it was going to be a great day. Eric and I were beaming from ear to ear as all of the kiddos who were her new classmates saw each other at the bus stop and started playing as if they were just picking up where they left off from a past playdate. It was SO CUTE. But I'm getting ahead of myself....

First we had to get ready and take the obligatory "first day of school" photos at home. ;)

Evelyn was more interested in playing with the (fake) apples than she was with taking pictures, haha.

She's a cutie pie. :) 

We made our chalkboard out of an old Melissa and Doug toy crate and chalkboard vinyl. <- I'm going to be turning anything that sits still into a chalkboard now, haha. It's super convenient and works GREAT. big girl!

Soon it was time to grab her backpack and go. 

The weather was gorgeous, and just as we were walking towards the preschool drop off area, so were several other kids. It just seemed like everything aligned perfectly and everyone was happy!

We saw our friend Tegan right away, and the girls had to show each other their backpacks. :) These two also happen to be locker buddies this year, and I think they are going to make quite the pair, haha.

The girls who were there quickly formed a huddle and started playing hide and seek. Even Gracie got in on the fun!

Evelyn hid behind her dad. Haha. Speaking of that...Evie definitely busted out her one-liner for making friends on an adorable little boy who went scurrying behind his dad. She wasn't deterred. Evelyn just tried peeking around his dad to keep on trying to get his name out of him. :D

There was just so much cuteness happening. I distinctly remember Eric saying, "Now that was worth taking the day off of work for. "

Eventually it was time to leave Evie with her teachers to wait for the bus kids to show up. We had no worries whatsoever. No shed tears (unlike my own first day of preschool 25 years ago, haha) and all was right with the world. How did we pry Gracie away from the group...?

By telling her that we were going out for lunch and that she could pick the place!

She handled it pretty well. :)

Please excuse her breadstick face.

I had heard from my mom, who works at the school, that Evie was doing great when she saw her in the cafeteria at lunch. I had no doubts that Ev would have a super fun time. So when we went to pick our darling daughter up, I had visions of her running to mom and dad with a big smile on her face and telling us all about her first day. 

That did not happen. Haha.

When Evie saw us walking towards her, a look of disappointment spread across her face. Her lower lip began to quiver. I could tell she was trying very hard not to cry. 

"Hi Evie!! Did you have a great day at school today??"

No smiles. "But," she said, "I wanted to ride the bus!"


She did NOT want to see mom and dad, because the little stinker thought she was going to stowaway on the school bus. All the way home Eric and I tried to get her to talk and tell us about the things that she did, but all she could say was "I just wanted to ride the school bus...." :D Eric and I were trying so hard not to laugh.

Eventually she did perk up. She told us all about the food she ate, how she played "lots of games" in class and how they played follow the leader in Music. Evie very enthusiastically told us about the table she sits at. "It's a moon shaped table - which is like a crescent." And how her friend Tegan got to sit with her. 

So I would call the day a complete success, and now I can officially say that we have a preschooler in our family!

Evelyn acted surprised when I told her she had school again today. "I do?? Why?" 

"Because school is every day, five days a week!" Haha, just wait, sister. You've only just begun....


Heather said...

Awww...been patiently waiting for this post! Glad her first day went so well and that she has a friend in Tegan (I was friends with her mom in school).

Meagan said...

I just absolutely LOVE the pictures with the apples...the are adorable!! And I still can't get over how much older she looks with her haircut!

Funny about the bus situation & I'm not sure what the fascination is with riding it but when I picked Keegan up on the first day of school he said he wanted to ride the bus on the next day. Had to break it to him that he is stuck with me picking him up every day!

Cassie said...

i just love love love those pictures and this whole entire post!

yay for growing up! i love it!

Adrien said...

Thank you! Those apples were a total afterthought when I found them in the basement the night before. Glad I found them! :)

Sara Simpson said...

So sweet!!!! Love all the pics


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