Thursday, August 15, 2013

Preschool & Princesses

Well, we joined dozens of other parents last night for parent pre-K orientation. I can't lie...I was pretty excited about it. I think I'm even more pumped for Evelyn than she is. :)

Me: Evie, we got to meet your teacher tonight!
Evie: Uh huh.
Me: We have to choose a picture for you to put on your locker. You get to have a locker at school!!
Evie: (silence)
Me: Aren't you excited for preschool?
Evie: Uh huh.

My favorite part of the evening was watching Eric sit himself down in a chair made for three and four year olds to listen to the teacher talk. Ahahaha.... Luckily he was not the only grown man plopped down in a pint-sized seat. I wish I could have taken a picture. In Eric's words, his face probably looked the same as a preschooler's on their first day of school. :)

It was a good meeting for the parents, and I'm excited for Evie to meet her teacher on Monday at open house. Maybe we'll see some of you there!

Before Eric and I walked the halls of our old elementary school, the girls ruled over our patio in a cardboard castle. It was a morning fit for a princess!

Evie's uncle Roger gave her this cardboard castle as part of her birthday present. It was such a beautiful morning that I thought the perfect place to set it up would be outside in the sunshine. However, I really hope none of the neighbors were watching or listening as I tried to put this thing up by myself. I'm sure I looked like a fool...but I did it! The kids had a good time, so my fumbling around was worth the trouble. :)

We've been trying to soak up this last week of summer vacation, playing and being lazy before the school year begins. We even went to the Chester pool once again, even though it was a chilly August day. If you're one of my friends reading from around the country, yes, you read that right. CHILLY August day. Our weather has been bizarro, and it feels like Fall already. I'm not complaining! :)

I know it's only for two hours each day, but it's going to be a little strange when Evelyn leaves us every afternoon. Gracie has no concept of being separated from her big sister at all. From her first day home, Evie and Grace have been a pair...a package deal. Where one goes, they both go. Grace has already said that she wants to go to preschool. She's cried for preschool. Haha. So while I think Evie will make the transition just fine, Grace is the one I'm worried about. We'll survive, but I know it's going to break her heart that she can't follow big sister to her classroom every day. Next year, sister. Next year.

They play, they fight, they push, they hug, they kiss, and they pinch. They travel together and stay together, they run together and sleep together, they sing and imagine, explore and invent, they get in trouble and encourage each other. They are sisters. 

It's going to be the first time they are consistently separated, but it won't be the last. It will be good for them. And it all starts in less than a week. A new chapter for the Robert girls! We still have a few more days... just a few more uninterrupted days of playing and pretend. Better get to it!


Heather said...

I can't wait to hear how this whole school thing goes!

Meagan said...

We have parent orientation tonight & I want to cry just thinking about it! I was good last year when it was just preschool but this whole kindergarten thing has been hard...granted it's not hard for him at all, he is BEYOND excited and asks every single morning if he can go already!

Cassie said...

henry and stella are in the same boat. i even told her teacher that at open house. i said she's never apart from her brother so this is going to be an adjustment. i think stella will do just fine, but henry, i'm nervous. but they need this. and it will be good for them. lol.

good luck momma!

April Robert said...

That's an awesome castle. That's exciting news that it's getting chilly. It's super humid here in China. Denny and I are looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks. We get to IL Sept 4th.


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