Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Radio Roger. Haha.

We're busy over here this morning, but I thought I'd check in, anyway! Evelyn ran to me this morning saying, "It's my first day of school!" Only when she says it, it sounds like "skule" and it cracks me up. :) We have kids to bathe and pictures to take, but before that I thought I'd share a little brother brag with ya.

I know that I've been sharing a lot about my sister lately, but I have three other siblings who are also pretty great! My brother Roger is in a band, and they were featured on the radio this week. Already they have gotten several calls because of it, and the radio station was very impressed by their acoustic performance in the studio.

Not only did they play live on the radio, but they were video taped, too. So now I can embarrass my brother - buahaha! I don't think he'd really be embarrassed, though. They did a great job! If you want to check it out, here they are. Roger is playing drums. :)

Now it's shower time...followed shortly by picture time...and then - off to school for Evie! See ya.


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Cassie said...

that's so awesome - yay for them!!

good luck evie, can't wait for tomorrow's post!!


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