Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shannon's Birthday - We Need Help!

Well, yesterday was a BUST. Rain, rain, rain. We were stuck inside all day!

So I took a little time to write my baby sister a letter, and I'm still working on it. Need to get back to it soon so I can put in the mail today. But first I thought I'd give just a short update on how Shannon is doing at bootcamp and ask for your help with something!

We last left off with Shannon being chosen as Lay Reader for platoon, a huge honor for her, and a job that she really enjoyed. Since that update Shannon has been picked for TWO more jobs, which she accepted. She was asked to work with a team to design the flag for her platoon, and she was chosen as Squad Leader. Shannon really needs our prayers! She is very nervous about her newest leadership position, as it's one where all eyes are on her. If she messes up, her entire platoon is in trouble. Haha. No pressure.

Shannon and Selena Gomez (yes, that's her real name) learning some martial arts during a training session on July 24. :)

We are really, really fortunate that recently Parris Island has created a Facebook page AND a YouTube channel, which means families are actually getting to see their loved ones at boot camp as they are going through training. What an amazing gift! (Thank you, technology.) So we've been able to get just a couple of sneak peeks of Shannon through photos and video. I think I've watched the same video about a million times looking for my sister. :)

Shannon is in the upper left! 

Though things are going great for Shannon personally, it is still HOT, she is tired and hungry, and she is under a lot of stress with all of her jobs. I imagine her life resembles something like a pressure cooker at the moment. With all of her responsibility, she is still one of the youngest girls at bootcamp right this very minute. Shannon is only 17, but that's about to change very soon! :) Some of you might remember the little birthday party we threw for Shannon right before she left, knowing that she would be in bootcamp on her birthday. Well, her real birthday is just around the corner!

Shannon never had a lot of luck on her birthday because of when it fell in the year. I can relate to her feelings since our birthdays are only four days apart! You see, her birthday always fell on the same week that school started, and it made her very sad that none of her friends ever seemed to care about it. We actually found some letters recently that Shannon wrote to herself in grade school, sad once again, because hardly anyone wished her a "Happy Birthday." She even wrote an essay once on how miserable her birthday always was while she was in school, haha.

And now the poor thing won't even be allowed to acknowledge her birthday this year. If she mentions it's her birthday, she will get lots of "special treatment" from the drill instructors, if ya know what I mean. While she needs to keep it quiet on August 27 this year, that doesn't mean she can't receive mail and cards from home to pump her up a bit!

That's where you come in - we need your help! If you think about it, can you drop a card in the mail for Shannon? We would love to flood her mailbox with cards and letters on her birthday to let her know that we are thinking about her and celebrating many miles away. If you put a card in the mail on August 21 or 22, it should get to her on or by her birthday on the 27th. It doesn't have to be a big thing, just sign your name if you want. I think just getting the mail will be a bright spot in her day. :D

PO BOX 16425
PARRIS ISLAND, SC 29905-6445

Now I have to finish up this latest letter I'm writing. It's probably breaking some kind of unspoken rule, but I'm copying some passages from a book I know she'd like so she has something to read to take her away for a little bit, haha. It takes a long time to copy words from a book by hand, though. :)

Thank you for your continued encouragement! In every letter Shannon has sent to me, she has pleaded that we not forget about her while she's away. Oh, sister...if you only knew! No one is forgetting. :) Have a great day, everyone!


Heather said...

Awww, Happy Birthday Shannon! Going to pick up a card at lunch!

Sarah said...

Awe, love this!! Count me in ❤

Adrien said...



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