Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Corn is as High as an Elephant's Eye

Happy 18th Birthday to my sister Shannon!! She can't celebrate, but we're sending her hugs many miles away. :) Yesterday as I was going through the mail I found a letter from my sister tucked in with the other envelopes. I usually get about a letter a week from her, so I was surprised to see this one so soon after receiving another. It was a special birthday note to ME. Even folded up into the shape of a heart, haha. I thought it was SO sweet that my sister was thinking of my birthday while she is in bootcamp. Almost made me cry. I can't wait to see Shannon and spend LOTS of time with her when she's home for 10 days in October!!! Happy Birthday, sister!


Last year I had a vision. I wanted to take some pictures of my kids in front of cornstalks. You know... some late summer/early fall photos with the one icon that practically defines where we're from in a nutshell. And I kid you not, the day before I was going to take the pictures, the corn just...disappeared. Now you see it, now you don't. Like magic. :)

So this year I vowed to get some of those pictures before it was too late! And that's what we did yesterday. We found ourselves some corn (which isn't hard to do.) And we took some pictures.

It's now late August, the stalks are reaching to the heavens, and the leaves are beginning to brown. If you breathe in deeply enough you can almost smell the sweetness of those golden kernels.  That can only mean one thing...Fall and harvest are right around the corner. Woohoo, it's gonna get fun around here! We've got several birthdays and lots of festivities coming up. It's our favorite time of the year!

Sissy used her little brother to rest on and messed up his hair...

...still cute. :)

Evie thought we were there to pick the corn. Haha.

Yep, you can't be from the Midwest and not run into cornfields as far as the eye can see. Any time I've ever traveled away from this part of the country, coming back to the welcoming sight of seas of corn is a comforting reminder that this is home. And no matter where I end up in this life, this will always be home.

When I was in college, many of my friends from all over the country and around the world would joke about how our school seemed to be plopped right in the middle of a bunch of cornfields. Haha. That's probably because it WAS. :) And that's just how I liked it.

And now this song is going to be stuck in my head all.day.long.

No shame here. :)


Glingdidit said...

Oh man...I've got photo shoot fever now! We might just have to make a trip down the block and play in some corn this weekend, too!

Adrien said...

Do it!! :)

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Shannon!!! Love the pictures! Especially the ones with the girls peeking out of the corn stalks...way too cute.

Cassie said...



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