Friday, August 30, 2013

The End of August!

Eric was laying the ole blog guilt trip on me pretty thick yesterday. :D Hey, when I don't have anything to blog about, I just don't! Haha. But today I DO have something to blog about, because it's the last blogging day of August. Time for another monthly wrap up - my favorite!


Reagan is 10 months old now - whoa! He is pulling up, standing unsupported, and being an all-around big boy. Reagan is no longer a fan of just having a few baby snacks when we sit down to a meal together. Whatever we eat, he HAS to eat, or we will hear about it. :) I absolutely love this baby stage, and I will until he starts walking. Then it's a whole new ballgame!

Reagan's favorites:

Activity - Swinging. Especially when his sisters push him - he gets the biggest kick out of that!
Food -  Chicken and dumplings, as discovered on my birthday. :)
People - He still loves mommy, but boy does he adore that daddy! Reagan loves when Eric comes home from work.
Toy - Whatever one of his sisters is holding, of course. ;)
Song - The theme song to Parenthood. Any time we start an episode, he stops dead in his tracks!

I absolutely love having a son, and I thank God every day for Reagan. He continues to be such a blessing in my life and a pretty easy going little guy!


Grace is officially my buddy, and I LOVE it. It took us nearly three years to get to this point, but we're here! Now that she can communicate more with me, she has chilled out a lot from her frustrated toddler days. And now that Evie is at school for nearly three hours each day, we've been able to get a bit more one-on-one bonding time in - something I've never had with Grace.

Gracie cracks me UP, and she cracks herself up, too. Haha. She laughs after almost everything she says. She thinks I'm pretty funny, too, and tells me so many times a day. "HAHA - you funny, mom!" So overall, I think she's just a little comedian. I hope that she always keeps us laughing, and I'm sure that she will. :)

My favorite new Gracie-ism this month is how she tries to get someone's attention when we're distracted by something else. Before, she would have just hollered. But now, multiple times a day I'll hear a little, "Yoo-hoo! Yoo-hoo!" Ahaha, and it makes me smile every time. I don't know anyone in our family who says "yoo-hoo" so I have no clue where she got it from. But it sure is cute. Just like her!


What a big month for Evie as our first born started her very first year of school! She is loving it, as I knew she would! Though, there have been a couple of days so far that Evie has said, "I was just a little bad today." Conveniently, she never remembers what it is that she did, but she still feels the need to confess to mom and dad. :)

Other than starting school, she's just the same old Evie, so I thought I'd ask her a few questions this month!

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? the library, and go play at school with my friends.
If you could be any animal, which would you be? Zebra. (No explanation, she just likes the stripes, haha.)
What is your favorite thing about school? Playing with all of my friends and doing all of the stuff I like to do.
What are you most looking forward to about Fall? Pumpkin picking!
Who is your best friend? Her name is Tegan. And Gracie is my best friend, too!

We did quite a bit in the month of August. Here are some of our memories!

Evelyn chopped off all of her hair and ended up getting her first "big girl" haircut. I almost can't remember her with long hair anymore!

We had a yard sale that just about killed me, but was well worth it in the end!

Evie started school. :)

We celebrated babies and birthdays!

Which included officially entering my late 20's....

And we finally took the long-awaited corn pictures, haha.

Just a few things we did in August!

I feel like September is up in the air at this point. It's the month that I bust out the Fall decor...but is it going to be hot? Will it cool down? I don't know! I personally hope for a cool streak. :) My sister will be entering into her third and final phase of bootcamp, we will welcome family home from a year in China, and more! 

Thank you to those who continue to check in with us, and we hope you'll stick around! We're not going anywhere. :)


Heather said...

I can't wait to start doing this.

You should totally pick out these posts at the end of each year and make one of those little photo/story books for each kid, each year.

Adrien said...

Good idea, Heather!

Cassie said...

i just love your little family!!


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