Monday, August 12, 2013

We Survived the Weekend!

Back at it! Last week my blogging ability was shameful. Must try to do better this week. :)

On the count of three, everybody say YAHOO!! One, two, three - YAHOOOOOO!!! My crazy weekend is over! Thank you to everyone who was able to stop by our yard sale and take some stuff home with ya. Our house is a little bit lighter on this Monday morning. By the end of Friday night we had cut our clothing pile by half, at least. And by the time we were taking down the tables and packing it in on Saturday there was hardly a thing left, compared to where we started. That is GOOD news! The yard sale was a total success!

Eric hosted a two hour radio show on Saturday for FM News Talk 97.1, and he did a fabulous job. :) Everyone who came by our sale got to hear his booming voice blaring out of the radio, haha. Needless to say, both of us were really looking forward to Saturday night. We knew that by then all of our stressors for the weekend would have passed and that we could finally relax for the first time in a week.  We celebrated a successful weekend by taking the kids out to eat and doing a little grocery shopping. We are an exciting bunch! :)

This weekend wouldn't have happened without all of the help from two awesome moms. My mom was invaluable in helping me with all of the yard sale stuff, and Eric's mom took the girls for most of the weekend. THANK YOU, moms! We love you!

Sunday was church, catching up on a little housework, and stopping by the church's annual softball game on our evening walk.

We enjoyed playing with the kids and spectating, because as many of you know, neither Eric nor I are interested in the least by playing sports, haha. It's just about getting together with family and having fun. :)

Eric and I have been talking a lot lately about what we believe, why we believe what we believe, and why we are thankful for our church. We are super thankful for a doctrinally sound church that doesn't skirt around the tough issues, that studies hard, plays together, and serves the community. There are SO many great churches out there, and they are all a little different. It just so happens that we live in a community that has a church that fits us perfectly. A church that doesn't add or take away from scripture, that unpacks the hard stuff, and which spends time focusing on not just what we believe, but WHY we believe it. It's a huge blessing that we sometimes take for granted.

When we're not busy studying and learning, we get together and swing. :)

We just welcomed back a group on mission from Mexico this week, and another group is leaving for Chicago on Thursday. We belong to a very missions-minded church, which is another reason why we love it. Eric and I are so excited to spend the better part of our lives taking mission trips with our family, teaching our children that it's not always about us, but about serving others - at home and around the world. This is one huge reason why we can't to be debt free and tied down by our finances. (Soon, we hope!) And that's my tangent for the day. Haha.

Today marks the last full week of summer vacation for us. Wow. My first born baby is going to start school soon. Eek!!! My mom actually goes back to work on Thursday of this week, so we're going to try to pack in some fun in the next couple of days. I can't believe it's almost over! But we have lots of fun plans for Fall, as usual. I kind of can't wait to decorate the front porch and get on with it. Haha.

But no. I can't let myself think about it now. Gotta enjoy and soak up these last few days with my babies! Our schedule is about to get turned on it's head with Evie leaving for a few hours each day. It's going to be a big transition for all of us. Even our lunch time will have to change. This could be very interesting. :)

It's chore time for this mama. And that includes baking a chocolate cake, cause I want one! Haha. Hope you all have a great day and a happy week!

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Heather said...

Still over the moon about the clothes I got Kinley Friday. I keep touching it all :)


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