Monday, September 16, 2013

An Almost-Fall Weekend!

We had an awesome anniversary weekend, and our cups are running over with love and good family vibes. I think the amazing weather helped us out a bit. It's hard to be down when the air is crisp, the sun is shining, and there is always a gentle breeze to walk alongside you. Fall is coooommming!

Friday night was the first home football game, and even though it was our anniversary, and despite the fact that Eric and I really have no interest in football, we just love strolling through that classic small town scene on a Friday night! The kids love it, too. :)

Reagan's first game!

The girls thought it was pretty awesome that they got to pick some candy from the snack stand as a treat. And when asked what their favorite part of the evening was they said, "Watching the baseball game!"

Yep - definitely our kids!

On Saturday Eric and I decided to change things up a bit. It was our anniversary weekend after all. So instead of a quick dinner and a trip to Aldi after Eric got off of work, we went to a SIT DOWN dinner....and then a trip to Aldi. :)

It was really nice taking our time to eat a meal and just enjoy each other's company. And Reagan's company. He makes a nice third-wheel. Happy Anniversary to us!

Sunday was our last opportunity to spend some quality time with Eric's brother Denny and his wife April. After living for a year in China they spent some time hanging around our neck of the woods before driving home (today) to Arizona. So Amy and her kiddos and Eric's parents and the rest of us met up for a nice day of family fun at one of our favorite local spots, Eckert's. It's apple picking season, and so the Belleville farm was in full swing with their annual Apple Fest!

We enjoyed all of our usual favorites. The kids rode some rides....

Fed some animals...

They hopped on a pony...

Grace of course had to choose the biggest pony there was, and nearly induced a panic attack in me a couple of times, haha.

We stuffed ourselves in the restaurant for lunch. I'm pretty sure Evelyn ate her weight in biscuits and apple butter.

Then there was more fun, playing on the Fun Farm.

"Why can't I bounce, mom?"

And eating frozen custard....

Reagan was mighty cozy on his aunt April. :)

The one thing we did not do during Apple Fest - pick apples! Haha. We spent four hours walking around, and we had more than enough fun for a day. Maybe we'll make it back sometime for apple picking...or maybe we'll save that bumpy hayride for the pumpkins. We'll see! Either way, obviously you can spend an entire day at Eckert's and not run out of things to do.

I'm not sure when we'll get a chance to see Denny and April again. They spend a lot of time traveling, and I know that our girls will be asking about them constantly. There wasn't a single day that went by over this past year that Evelyn didn't say something about China and how her uncle Denny and aunt April were there. Not a single day when the sun was going down that she didn't say, "It's morning in China!" I'm glad we were able to spend time with them. I'm glad that they were finally able to meet Reagan. Family is so important, and those are lessons we learn more every day.

Last night we took a walk in the cool late-summer night. It was nice and quiet, and Eric and I need those walks to talk about life. There may be some big changes for our family coming on the horizon. In fact, I know there will be, it's just the timing...will it be sooner or later? Big decisions will be made in the coming months. Oh, life!

I hope that you were able to have a great weekend! I know there were lots of parties and things happening, and we wish we could have gone to them all. I hope that whatever you did, some memories were made and smiles shared. It's a wonderful time of the year!


Sarah said...

Family is the most important thing, for sure. I'm trying to muster up enough energy to take all 3 boys to Eckert's this year. Happy belated Anniversary! 5 years. Seems so much longer. I would say I don't know how I missed you at the football game but I was chasing a monster 99% of the time ☺

Adrien said...

You should definitely try to go! :) Every year I think I should try to plan some sort of meet up for pumpkin picking. I think all of the kids would have a blast! I hope everyone starts feeling well at your house. Prayers that they get over it fast!

Heather said...

This really made me crave a trip to Eckerts. Well, at least the restaurant part.

Adrien said...

Aww, you mean you don't want to feed a goat?? :D

Heather said...

Not really...but I would do a pony ride!

Cassie said...

when did grace's hair get SO blonde. i love it!!

what an awesome awesome weekend.

and yes those walks, nice, easy, free therapy. lol.

have a great week!

Adrien said...

It does seem to be getting blonder and blonder! Eric and I just realized last night that our kids have

1) Brown hair, brown eyes
2) Blonde hair, brown eyes
3) Blonde hair, blue eyes

So now we need to have one brown haired blue eyed child, and we'll be all set! Haha.


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