Friday, September 20, 2013

Confession Friday 9-20

Hi, friends! We are having some technical difficulties in the Robert household this week. We may be looking to replace our fourth computer hard drive this year. FOURTH. This year. Our children looove the computer, and they also loooove to drop it. Step on it. Fight over it. Crack's no big deal.

Poor Eric. He is constantly tinkering with our stuff. If it's not the computer, it's usually my phone which has been everywhere from the bottom of the toilet to being chucked across the room. I laugh to keep my sanity. :D

In other news, it has been way too long since I've done a Confession Friday, so it's happening. Right now.

I confess that I have two birthday parties to throw next month, including a big first birthday, and I'm just now getting started...what the heck is wrong with me? This will be, and I promise - for real this time, the last year for a while that we're having parties for birthdays. Next year we're going to Disney, and that's IT. Haha.

I confess that I have been so emotional lately. GoodNESS. Any little thing on facebook sends me into a first class ugly cry. Sobs.

I confess that Eric and I are seriously thinking about going into the bucket selling business. Light up buckets, that is. :D Eric especially loves the idea, because he wants the nickname "Mr. Bucket."

I confess that we are chugging our way up the debt free chart....

Choo choo! Ready to pull this bad boy into the station and be DONE.

I confess that I haven't breathed a word about our debt free journey lately, because apparently it ticks some people off. Guess what? I don't care anymore!

I confess that I'm a terrible cook. There. I said it. Been trying to deny it for years, but it is what it is. Do like to bake, though!

I confess that if the school asks us for money for ONE MORE THING...I'm gonna give it to them. My kid gets to go to school for free, despite lack of any state funding. And one town over we'd be paying $200 a month per kid for the same program at a public school. Thank you, Red Bud. You rock.

I confess that I'm considering changing up a huge family tradition this year a bit - gasp! We always go to the Belleville Eckert's farm for pumpkin picking, but I thought it might be fun to try the Millstadt location for a change. Hey locals, which one is your favorite??

All because of this video they posted this morning. :)

I confess that I've been wearing my hair in braids almost every single day. I just don't feel like doing it when I take Evie to school. I'm sure I look like a 12 year old while carting my three kids around, haha.

I confess that nothing irritates me more than whiiiining. But the way Reagan says, "Mamamama mooom" when he's makes me smile. Oh, I'm so doomed.

I confess that I have the best friends ever. Seriously. I am still getting cards and encouragement after our rough last week. Love you!!

Evelyn says: I confess that... I'm going to try to be a good girl. :)

I confess that I sorta missed Confession Friday. Might have to bring it back as a regular thing again. :)

I honestly don't know what this weekend holds for us, but I hope it's a good one. The weather promises to be perfectly Fall once again...appropriate, since the first day of Fall is Sunday - wahooo!!!

See you in the next season! :D


Sarah said...

I confess that I had no idea what this iOS 7 business was until yesterday. I live under a rock.

You're so cute with your debt free chart!! Thanks to you I have been following Dave R on Facebook. It has helped is lot! Big plans in the near future!!

Have a great weekend Roberts!! ☺

Adrien said...

Woohoo, Sarah! :) Common sense advice, that's why I love that guy. Haha. His books changed our lives!

Cassie said...

i had never been to the milstadt one until we went this week on the field trip. it's SO worth it! have fun!

i think i kinda misses confession friday too.

Adrien said...

That's good to hear! Think we might do it!

Jackie said...

Milstadt is awesome! We love that one! Also we like the one in Grafton too!!!


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