Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Helloooo September! Oh, dear friend. We've been waiting patiently for you since about...January.

We're entering into the best third of the year there is, if I do say so myself. I don't wanna hate on the bleak and horrible late Winter and sneezy Spring lovers...or the insane heat worshipers of summertime...but the glorious space of time between now and Christmas reigns supreme. It just does. I'm wondering how long I have to wait before I deck the house out for Fall. I don't want to jump the gun and cause the neighbors to roll their eyes or anything...so I'm literally scouting the neighborhood for Fall wreaths. As soon as I see one - BAM. I'm doing it!

I actually attempted a start already with a trip to Rural King yesterday. If anyone knows the best place to purchase straw bales for decorating, please let me know! I need to get a few for the front porch this year. ;)

So, we started the weekend with my first child's first picture day at school.

Her teacher told me that pictures went well. Let's hope she smiled pretty, cause the face she was giving me when I asked her how she was going to smile for the camera was pretty hilarious. :)

P.S. I would not mind one bit if my kids attended a school with uniforms. Dressing Evie every day stresses me out, haha. Most of our warm weather clothes do not meet the school dress code. (Hurry up, cooler temps!) I keep a running list in my head of the reasons why homeschooling might be an option for us someday, and other than taking vacations whenever we want, wearing whatever we want ranks high on the list. ;)

We spent much of the rest of our weekend shopping. Picked up the kids' Halloween costumes (woot!) and added a few much-needed things to my wardrobe. We also tidied up a bit around here, which makes me feel a million times lighter. Our house is hardly ever perfectly clean, but when it's in "5 minute pick up" condition, I am a satisfied mama. 

We spent our Labor Day enjoying the wonderful weather at the (shockingly empty) park, taking a drive, doing some shopping, relaxing, and taking a walk. Somewhere in there Eric cleaned up my car, and now it looks and smells brand new again. It's a perk of being married to someone who spent his high school years detailing vehicles, haha.

He is precious to me. :)

Gracie girls' crazy hair cracks me up, and it's just like mine. Sorry about that, sister!

Now we're back to our regular week...or I guess I should say our new regular week. I am actually loving our new schedule and SO thankful Evelyn is in the afternoon class. I thought it had the potential to be a big pain in the rear right in the middle of the day, but actually, it breaks things up nicely. We've fallen into a groove that makes the day go by faster, which is great for me!

Reason number three for homeschooling: not waking up early. I already dread that. Dread it. I'm sort of a "Don't talk to me before 10am" kind of person. ;) But let's be real. I'm also sort of a "I don't have the patience to homeschool" kind of a person. So...sigh...probably not gonna happen. Still, I gotta keep that running list. Haha.

Have a great day, friends!


Cassie said...

LOL - i am the same way! that last paragraph are my thoughts to a T! lol.

and yes - uniforms are the way to go!

Sarah said...

I love you. Your kids. Your writing style. Your sense of humor. Your compassion. You. A little creepy? I don't care. Happy September Roberts!!!

Adrien said...

And that's why I love you girls. You totally get it. :D

Sarah Roscow, you are too sweet to me! Mwah!


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