Thursday, September 12, 2013

Let me tell you about a bucket.

Several years ago, on Halloween night, Evelyn was gifted an adorable, orange, light up Halloween bucket....

Oh my goodness, look at those widdle peacock cheeks, I could just eat them up...ahem.... Focus.

I thought the idea of a light up bucket was ingenious, and perfect for a dark night of trick-or-treating. It proved to be just the right size, too. Yes, this was a bucket to dominate all buckets.

Then we moved, and the beloved plastic pail was misplaced for a little while. We purchased other candy toting devices over the years, but none of them ever tickled my fancy the way the light up bucket had. And then one day recently while I was cleaning...EUREKA! The bucket was found!

The only there is only one bucket, and there are three Robert children. So what do I do in times like these? I turn to my trusty friend, Mr. Google. I needed to know where I could find more of these treasures! let me down this time. Seriously, how hard it is to track down a light up bucket like this? Pretty hard, actually. I even asked my cousin Bob, the giver of the original buckets, where he had purchased the ones he had gotten. They came from a flea market vendor, and there is no way of tracking them down now.

The only place I found anything on the whole wide internet that resembled our trusty friend was on etsy (of course.) But these weren't just any light up buckets. These were personalized light up buckets...or else they wouldn't be allowed on etsy. ;)

Cute, right?

But my first thought was...I can do that myself. Somebody has found out where to buy these things. Give me some dang buckets!

After more digging and sleuthing I finally came across a message board where the creator of these gems popped on to mention that they were not available just anywhere, but that they could still be purchased directly through him. Ya'll are never going to believe where the inventor of this bucket is from. St. Louis! Woop!! :) There might be some hope after all, haha.

(Consequently, the biggest seller of these buckets on etsy is also from St. Louis. Hmmm...makes sense!)

So I found my crazy self emailing this guy at midnight last night, and boy do I hope I get a response, because I've got some buckets to buy! If anyone else is interested, I'll let you know how it goes, haha.

At any rate, when I get an idea in my head, I can't eat, sleep, or do anything until I try it out. So...I was up late cutting vinyl to see if I could, indeed, make my own buckets for the kids. 

And I am happy to report that it was as easy as pumpkin pie!

Now to get my hands on some more! Please, Mr. St. Louis bucket man, email me back. Pretty please! Cause I'm going to be buying these things for my children's children's children. Since you know, they are rarer than a Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat. (Look it up - that's rare!)

And now you know all that you need to know, and probably more than you need to know, about my obsession with lighted buckets. It's okay it you're a little bit dazzled, too. I understand. Your kids probably need one. ;) You will be the envy of the neighborhood - I swear! 

Haha, thanks for humoring me. Have a great day!


Heather said...

Such a cute idea! I can't wait to do the Halloween thing!

Jackie said...

Thinking Miss Loreli needs one!!! Let me know how it goes!!!

Adrien said...

I will! :)

Cassie said...

those are adorable!! especially the one on etsy! lol.

Adrien said...

Haha, yes, cute name! ;)

Magnificent Adventures of Michelle & Mack said...

Did you find the buckets? Who knew they would be so hard to find?!?!?

Maxine said...

Cute Blog , Love the bucket story . Where did you end up finding more I would love to have some.!

Sally Naylor said...

Did you ever find the buckets?
I need a dozen or more. For my grand babies.


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