Monday, September 30, 2013

So long, September!

Well, poop!

This blog will not be current until further notice.

We have two computers in this household. One can upload photos, but does not allow me to type or click on anything. One allows me to type, but it cannot upload photos. I am up a creek until one of them is fixed.

So we had a great weekend, and hopefully by the end of the week I can tell you about it!

Luckily it works out that today is a monthly wrap up. It's the last day in September - SAY WHAT??


Reagan is 11 months old now. I know. I don't believe it. We're going to be throwing a first birthday party very soon!

My son developed a real sense of humor over the last month. The little dude cracks up over everything, and he thinks everything he does is hi-larious. Reagan is a real jokester, even though he can't talk. :) I can't wait to hear the things that actually come out of his brain someday, haha.

Reagan's hair gets blonder and blonder every day, and if you look closely enough you'll even see some strawberry streaks. Sometimes, in the right lighting, you don't have to look closely at all. Reagan takes after his Grandpa Greg A LOT, and if any of our kids ever have red headed children, it will be Reagan. Just remember that in 25 years or so...I totally called it. ;) Reagan still isn't walking, but he has definitely taken a step or two! If only I didn't freak out and scare the willies out of him any time he made an attempt, haha.

I wish there was more to say about my little buddy, but he continues to be a sweetie pie and a really great baby. We lucked out with him! He is low-mainetenace, a first-class cuddler, and a joy to be around. I love my third born more than words can say!


Gracie Violet is still one tough cookie to figure out. I feel like since the beginning of these monthly wrap ups...which would be since her infancy...I have played a game of ping-pong with her personality. One month she is my little pal, sweet as can be. The next month she can be a real challenge to live with. Haha.

I was just telling Eric in the car the other day that Grace and I already have one of those "hot and cold" relationships. The girl is only two! (Though...her third birthday is next month, too. Yowza!) I am a totally introverted person. I prefer the quiet, and I am often lost in my own thoughts. Gracie is an outspoken, boisterous, fiery personality. We're total opposites. And while I am still groggy and waking up in the morning, the very last thing I want to hear is a child shouting shrilly at the top of her lungs, "MOM - I WANT TOAST!!! AAHHH!!! TOAST! TOAST!"

"Please, Gracie."


I just. I can't handle that. Haha. This goes on all day long. Grace doesn't just ask for something, she immediately bursts out in a fit as if she's already asked ten times and no one is listening to her. She is all drama, all the time. I run from drama like it's the plague.

But her smile. Oh my GOSH. And her hugs and kisses - they are the best. When she is good, she is SO good, and she melts my heart. She loves dress up, she loves princesses, she plays and pretends with her dolls and it is the most adorable thing ever to spy on. :) Part of her is a little introverted, too. Grace is totally content if her big sister is playing with the other kids on the playground and she is left to her own devices. Gracie is just fine off on her own, pretending or chasing butterflies. So I guess maybe we're not total opposites after all. :)


This weekend Evelyn became the proud owner of her very first "Perfect Attendance" certificate from school for the month of September. I consider that a personal pat on the back that we managed to get out of the front door every day, haha. She is loving every minute of preschool, and I love hearing all of the stories she brings home everyday.

My mom works at the school, and occasionally she gets to pop out and say hi to Evie when she is in the lunchroom. The other day my mom came out and saw that every kid had a tray in front of them except for Evelyn.

"What's the matter, Evie? Aren't you hungry?"

Her teacher stepped in and said, "Oh she already ate her lunch - and she had seconds!" Ahahaha. That's my girl. :) My children love food, ya know.

One thing that is sort of maddening though...both at school and at the amount of PAPER my child generates in a given day. Paper, paper, paper, all over the house. Paper with drawings, paper with letters, paper with "check lists." Evelyn loves to draw, and create, and make up stories. I should have expected this. I was a decent paper generator myself, back in the day. And I discovered long ago that Evie is a mini-me in that regard. So I guess it's just going to be something I learn to live with. Let her create, I say! Some day she will discover typing, and then maybe we'll save a tree or two. :)

The month of September was full of school days...


...and family fun.

It was the month that we welcomed family home from China and Eric and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! Of course, we will never forget that this was also the month that we saw the end to my fourth pregnancy. How different things would be right this very moment....

But we are still counting our blessings. We are in a really great place right now and in a position to start seeing some things come together. We are not far from realizing some really huge goals we have had since the day Eric and I were married. It's kind of surreal that we've come this far. Life is good! Even on the hard days, life is good.

Starting tomorrow...let a season of traditions begin!! I love the month of October. Probably my favorite of the entire year. So...holy cow...gotta get these darn computers fixed!! There are too many memories to document and pictures to share. My sister comes home SOON, and we've got birthday parties galore. I'm ready!!


Sarah said...

I find it fascinating how all of our children are so similar. Maybe it has to do with the birth order? Crazy ☺

Adrien said...

Haha, I know - I think the same thing any time you post something about the boys. :)

Cassie said...

gosh your kids are SO SO cute!

yay for perfect attendance.

and seriously one next month? no way!!

Stephanie Scutari said...

I can't wait for you two to start house hunting... it's going to be so entertaining reading you blog about house hunting.


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