Thursday, September 5, 2013

Welcome Home!

By the time I'm publishing this, two members of our family will be back on American soil after spending an entire year in China! Eric's brother Denny and his wife April have been teaching English to kids in China for a year. They have been gone for so long that they haven't even met Reagan - that's kind of insane. But all of that will soon change. :) I'm sure we'll be spending some time with them over the coming days while they are in our area in the states.

Many adventures were had while they were away, and I swiped just a few photos from Facebook.

Welcome back, Denny and April! You can read more about their time spent in China at

That is by far our biggest excitement to share this week. The rest of our days look something like this: Wake up. Eat. Play. Take Evie to school. Eat. Clean. Pick Evie up from school. Eat. Take a walk. Day in and day out. There is so much on the horizon...much I want to share...things I can't wait to do...but we're not there yet. ;) Peaks and valleys, as I used to always say. I'm actually enjoying this little valley right now before life gets insane. But I hope you'll stick it out with us! Lots and lots ahead. :)

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