Monday, October 14, 2013

A Week of Festivities!

Friends! Holy smokes!

I almost forgot about this here blog. My sister leaves us today. We are going to have lunch with the family this afternoon and then it's time to say goodbye until...well, honestly we don't know when. And so begins the next 3 1/2 years of Shannon's life!

We were still eating leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner last week when we tied into another must-do on Shannon's list. It was time to roll up our sleeves and get elbow deep in christmas cookie baking. Our "Christmas Cookie Extravaganza" came early this year! Some of us even donned our gay apparel for the occasion.

I busted out the official apron of the season, and Brenden wore this santa hat... my parent's house, around town, and pretty much everywhere he went for the day. Just trying to spread that Christmas-in-October cheer. :)

We poured, we mixed, we baked....

...and of course, we sampled.

It was a jolly good time. :)

Actually, we only baked a portion of the dough that was mixed up so that Shannon could get a sampling of the holiday goodies now, and then at Christmastime we will bake up the rest which we froze and put away. Though, my mom and I have already conceded that just because our normal cookie dough quota has been met for the year doesn't mean it will stop us from making MORE when the time comes. :) Maybe we'll just experiment with different varieties, haha. There's just no stopping the baking madness when the weather outside is frightful!

Fast-forward to this past was my mama's birthday!! Wahoo - happy birthday, mom! I won't tell you how old she is, but here's a hint: she's not that old. :) Not only was it my mom's birthday, but there was also a shindig planned for my sister and cousin Shawn. Both Shawn and Shannon were visiting home for a short time, and this was a great way for people to see them. (It was insane the amount of people my sister tried to see in 10 days. My parent's house was grand central station.)

That guy in the middle is my brother Roger, who also did the bootcamp thing and joined the Army a few years ago. It was interesting hearing him and my sister swap stories...and use words and phrases that no one else understood, haha.

My mama had no idea that there would be a cake and that the entire room would sing to her, hehe. She might have teared up, I might have teared up...we're an emotional family. Ask Eric. And of course, here she is cutting up her own birthday cake. :)

If you stayed long enough at this party, you might have found yourself playing a rousing game of "Moo Uno."

Now, this game might be intended for preschoolers, but I've gotta tell you, it's rather addicting. Sort of like real Uno when you rediscover it. :) Haha. But for real...your kids need this game.

Unfortunately, it was on this day that Reagan started feeling really really icky. It had been a long week of coming and going for us. He was feverish and stuffy, and boy that night was no fun for this mom. By Sunday morning it was clear that some of us would not be going to church. So Eric and the girls went out for our normal morning while Reagan and I held down the fort at home. 

Before they left the girls and I went outside for a bit, wet heads and all. I snapped some pictures of them, because they were wearing some of my favorite vintage outfits of all time. Yay internet! The green dress Gracie is wearing is some pretty coveted Fall Gymboree, let me tell you. :) I know you're so interested in that, haha. Hey, I don't have a lot of hobbies. ;)

Don't mind me, I only snapped a bajillion photos. 

Someday I won't have little kids anymore, and then I'll be begging other moms to let me shop for their children, haha. It's kinda fun tracking down each individual piece from retired lines to make one outfit...sort of like a scavenger hunt. ;)

We've done a lot more lately, but I think that about wraps this one up. I've got a lunch to attend later today, and I think I need to build myself up to it. Alas, time stands still for no one!

Oh, and P.S...we JUST got a new washing machine yesterday. We went for over a week without one...yeeeikes! In between parties and visiting I was hauling off laundry to mom and dad's. I hope to never repeat anything like that ever again. Yay for new washing machines!

Okay. Have a great day!

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Heather said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!! And thanks for sharing the cookie I know what I'm having for lunch.


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