Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Better Late Than Never!

I was up last night at midnight working on decorations for Reagan's birthday party, and I was mentally going through all of the things that I have to do this week. I get to Saturday and think....Saturday, Saturday...hey, must be a free day! Uh, no. Reagan's birthday party is Saturday. The party that I was sitting there making decorations for.

That is the state of my brain right now. Mush!

Birthday stuff and school is our life this week, so I thought I would backtrack a bit and share a few things that fell through the cracks while we were having computer issues. We actually just got the last of our issues worked out this weekend, so I finally have a fully functioning computer.

First of all, this little dude.... not so little anymore!

Not only is Reagan taking baths by himself in the big bathtub, unsupported, but he is also WALKING!! I need to get a video of it. He has used his new ability to become very stealthy, just like his big sisters. Last night I watched him walk into our bedroom, find my iPhone in it's usual spot, unplug it, and come out with it up to his ear talking. 

That's toddler stuff, not baby stuff! :( He is the first of my babies to walk before his first birthday.  Good going, buddy!

Then there's this other guy....;)

Eric was recently named an assistant Vice President at work, so congrats to him! His position actually didn't change much, because he was already doing the work, haha. But it's nice to have the recognition, right? Your family is proud of you, dear!

My daughters decided that they like superheroes a couple of weeks ago....only we don't have superhero costumes. 

It's obvious who they are right? Baha. You're looking at makeshift Batman and Darth Vader. Eric and I were dying when they walked out of their bedroom like this the other night. I wish I had it on video. They were being hilarious!

And I don't think I showed you this piece of loveliness that hung out in our backyard for a week. Ugh.

The day after Grace's birthday party we had a rainstorm in the morning. And at the first rumble of thunder I thought...Crap...we still have a canopy up in the backyard. Now you would think a canopy's job would be to protect you from the sun and rain. I mean, that's reasonable. Wind? Not so much. But rain? Yes.

Only this canopy took on water faster than the Titanic. I was outside in my pajamas with a broom trying to lift up underneath it and push the water out, because I couldn't take it down by myself. Bahaha...when I think about it now, I must have looked like a total idiot. (Should have gotten it on video!) But soon we started getting some nasty lightning and I was not about to lose my life over a poorly designed canopy.

I stood at the backdoor and watched the legs of it melt like butter under the weight of the pools of water it was collecting. One quick google proved that we're only about the 20th people this has happened to. When we tried to contact customer service about it, they were less than helpful. We are out of luck. It was actually my parent's canopy, and I felt really bad. We'll be replacing it! But word to the wise, do NOT buy this canopy by Quickshade. If we had been like...camping...and it started to rain...this thing would have fell right on top of us. Boo!

Long story short, the legs were so mangled that Eric had to disassemble it, and it sat like this for a week behind our house. Nice.

So, you may have noticed a running theme throughout this here post today...and that is my desire for VIDEO of our lives. For months now I've been debating about vlogging. I really want to. I've said a million times that I want to start recording our family more, because pictures are nice, but they are just not the same. I have an idea to turn one day of the week into a vlogging day here, with a recap of video from our week. The only thing is that this requires a good way to video and me gleaning some knowledge on how to edit videos, haha. I am not whipping out our old digital video camera and carrying it around everywhere, because I would look like an idiot. :) I need a good point and shoot or Eric says that the new iPhone is supposed to take awesome video...hmm.

So an honest question: Would you watch our vlogs if I made them? Is it worth the trouble? Please let me know! I want to remember not only my kiddos' smiles, but the way their little voices sound and the funny way they run and all of the crazy antics they are up to every day. Haha. This is just a good excuse for me to force myself to capture the memories!

Hope you have a great day today, friends. Later taters!


Meagan said...

I would without a doubt watch your vlogs...I mean do you really have to ask if people will watch?!?! Your blog is on the short list of my "must read" blogs! Love it & your sweet family!

Adrien said...

Oh my goodness, that is so sweet - thanks Meagan! :)

Cassie said...

i have a small obsession with vlogs. so yes!

and congrats to the boys in your life. big stuff!!

Heather said...

Ummm yes! Vlog please!

April Robert said...

I would watch them.


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