Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Camp Gracie

Grace will be 3 years old on Saturday.

What is happening to my LIFE? When Evelyn turned three it was a huge deal to me. Before I had children I remember spending time with three year olds and thinking that it was insane that I could have one of my very own someday. Now my second born will be three. I'm not even sure my brain is accepting that right now. Does not compute.

We decided to celebrate Gracie's birthday a week early this year for two reasons. 1) Shannon was home, and it would be cool for her to get to come - especially since she would definitely be missing Reagan's 1st birthday. And 2) Reagan and Grace's birthdays are exactly one week apart. I needed more time between parties, haha.

So we hopped on a canoe, hiked through some brambly woods, and found ourselves right in the middle of Camp Gracie - the perfect spot for a birthday celebration. And look, there was even a friendly message waiting there for us.

Yep, this must be the spot!

The kids were very excited and made themselves right at home while we waited for our fellow campers to arrive. 

Once we had some friends, it was time to mosey over to do some camp crafts. Every good camp has crafts. :)

The children modeled their first creations - crowns. 

Next up was stringing some beads to make friendship bracelets. I've told you about how beading is one of the girls' favorite new hobbies, so I knew this would be right up their alley. 

And here is Reagan meeting one of our newest family members, cousin Noah. So cute!!

We now interrupt this crafting session for an ALLIGATOR SIGHTING!!!

Aha, okay so there is a story behind this. Earlier in the day as I was setting things up for the party, I looked over under the porch and I see this alligator just sitting there, stock still. And...say what??..I do a double take. 

At first I assume it's fake, and then I start to second guess myself. I've never seen this thing before. We've lived here for three years now, where did it come from? I've seen alligators at the zoo, they look fake there, too.

So naturally, I take off running inside the house. I am genuinely afraid to go back outside. I call Eric up and ask him if he's ever seen this alligator before, and he says he never has. I mention that there is an old shoe sitting next to it's mouth, and Eric starts cracking up. He really had me going for a few minutes. The turd. Yes, of course the alligator is fake. Neither of us have a clue where it came from, but Eric had seen it many times while mowing the grass. :)

At any rate, it definitely added to our camp party, and the kids got a kick out of it, too!

After that excitement, it was time to eat!

And then, it was time for cake! Gracie loved her birthday cake. And so did I. It's awesome how very un-fancy you can be at a kids' birthday - they don't care! Haha. And I spent less than $10 making this thing, so score one for the team. :)

I always love pictures from singing the "Happy Birthday" song. Probably my favorite moments from every party.

What a cutie pie!

Next up was present opening, but I'll spare you the pictures. Whew, these birthday posts are beasts, haha. I'm sure I'll have lots more photos up later on facebook if you're interested! 

It wouldn't be a camp without a campfire, and it was time for some s'mores making action!

The haphazard nighttime table-o-fun. :)

Even Reagan was enjoying himself.

You can't spend an evening outdoors without a good supply of glow sticks. It's a house rule.

Ahaha...Evie's face. Covered in s'mores, bug juice, and camera-flash happiness. :D

It was a great night to spend celebrating our almost three year old! I probably say this with every party, but I think it was my favorite one yet! :)

Sometimes I worry that Gracie really does fall into that middle-child category - not the oldest...not the baby - and that she vies for attention. So before the night ever began, as I was putting things out and getting the final touches ready, I said a little prayer that everything would go well just for her. I wanted to make sure that she had a good night and that she felt special.

Throughout the evening I loved hearing her excited squeaks and seeing her big smile. I know that she had a really great time, so mission accomplished. We really do love her so much, and I can't wait to spend this birthday and lots of birthdays with her! Another party and many more memories now on the books!


Christine Pettijohn said...

Looks like a lot of fun.

Heather said...

I need your party planner business card please.

And dude...I've been craving smores like you wouldn't believe. Your pictures are killing me! I'm going to have to be inventive and make some in the microwave.

Adrien said...

Oh Heather, when it's Kinley's turn, you just say the word! :)

Cassie said...

you are so good at this party planning stuff. that may be a $10 cake but it looks awesome!!

gracie is really turning into a "girl" and not looking very baby any more. i just LOVE that stage.

happy birthday gracie!


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