Friday, October 4, 2013

Confession Friday 10-4!

I confess that this girl:

...totally rocks.
And both Eric and I are a little frightened that she can now, effortlessly, beat us up. :)

Shannon is a MARINE. And she worked so incredibly hard to be one. I'd keep saying that I'm proud of her, but it just doesn't seem to describe the way I feel enough. I am so happy for her, and I can't even imagine what she must be feeling today as she graduates! Ooh Rah! Semper Fi! And all that other Marine stuff.

I confess that before Shannon left for bootcamp I had no idea how much I would miss her, how proud I would be, or how much all members of the military would suddenly mean to me. I tear up every time I see someone in uniform. All of those someones are loved by someone else!

I confess that I think of about 20 side-splitting confessions throughout the week that I just have to share with you, only to sit down at the computer on Thursday night and not remember a single one of them. Every time.

I confess that I love Halloween, but you will never see this chick in a haunted house or at a haunted trail, and I definitely do not watch scary movies. I do NOT need those images in my over-active imagination.

I confess that I giggle anytime someone asks where Gracie gets her wavy hair from, because obviously I don't go out in public much au naturale.

Totally gets it from her mama.
Don't laugh at me, I find it incredibly awkward taking pictures of myself, haha.

I confess that nothing proves that we live in a sinful and fallen world more than adult acne. I mean seriously...pimples past puberty? A gift straight from the bowels of Hell. 

I confess that if I ever become a decent cook it will all be because of Betty. And no, not Betty Crocker. I mean Betty from youtube. :D You should watch her videos, she is adorable. I could listen to her talk and cook up yummy southern food all day long. I think Eric thinks I'm a little nuts when I start talking about what Betty taught me....

I confess that I can't wait to take Evie to her first official fun fair at the school tonight. Think I might throw Eric in jail. ;) Only you RBES kids can truly appreciate that one, haha.

I confess that I have a lot of stuff to do today, so I better get to it!

I'm going to be watching facebook with bated breath to see if any pictures of Shannon pop up on the MCRD Parris Island Facbook Page! She could be marching right this very second in her graduation. Wish I was there!!

Have a great weekend, friends. Gonna be a good one here! :)


Heather said...

Dude, I LOVE your hair wavy!!! Why don't you wear it like that?? I'd pay a big bag of money to be able to get my hair to do that and not look like I was struck by lightning.

They still do the jail?? Love how strong traditions are in that school. Which is probably the only thing that will keep me from moving back to Waterloo. I want Kinley to go to Red Bud schools.

Adrien said...

Haha, the problem is with the slightest hint of humidity I DO look like I was struck by lightning. :D Giant frizz ball!

You know, I don't think they have done the jail for the past few years, but they are bringing it back! Woot! :) I hear ya, I'm sad that we'll probably be moving in the next year or two. Want my kids to go to school where I did...

sblind2 said...

agreed - love your hair AND about the Military! Every time Tommy is home and in his uniform complete strangers come up to him and thank him! I want to do that when I see someone in uniform, but I'm with you ... teary eyed! You need to get the kids shirts that say "my aunt's got your back US Marines" <3

Adrien said...

Oh my goodness - need those shirts!! :)


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