Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Family Pumpkin Carving Night 2013

It's that time again!

It's the week of Halloween, and for us that means finally carving the family pumpkin! That is pumpkin in the singular. Bless those of you who have the patience to do more than one. Bless your little hearts.

Reagan is ready for the challenge. Let's do this. :)

Oh, how we love traditions around here. I honestly don't even remember last year's pumpkin carving. It was a complete blur with a BRAND new baby in the midst of the craziness. In fact, it might have been one year ago today that we were coming home from the hospital with our little Reagy baby. And now he is big enough to join in on the fun!

There was a slight concern from the little ones as their dad made the first cut into this year's pumpkin.

Whoa, big knife there daddy!
I'm pretty sure Evelyn instructed her dad not to cut her. And after reassurances that no child cutting was going to happen, all was well with the world.

Reagan didn't want to be left out....

Like most things, he mostly just poked around at it. Don't want to get too messy, you know. I think he's going to be neat and tidy like his dad!

Finally it was time to carve a design, a job we always leave up to Eric. Well...I draw it on, he cuts. Earlier in the day the girls and I saw an idea online and it really stuck with Evelyn. We saw a picture of someone who carved a pumpkin to look like a little house. Evie wasn't going to have anything but a little house for our pumpkin friend. We're not artists in the Robert family, so we tried our best. :)

Evelyn kept trying to eat the pumpkin pieces that fell out...sheesh!

Haha, and there it is!

We set it out on the front porch, where the girls ran around like maniacs and we had a techno dance party thanks to the iPad. I'm sure the neighbors appreciated our shenanigans. Observe. 

 Time to change songs....

Now our front porch is officially ready for Halloween.

Trick or treat!


Jackie said...

So Cute....hopefully we can late tonight or tomorrow night!

Heather said...

Ahh I love that pumpkin!!!! You guys did a great job! I love how your kids are like, oblivious to your camera now, and you can take the most awesome pictures without them even looking at the camera.

Cassie said...

looks awesome!!

nothing like a out of nowhere dance party!!


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