Thursday, October 17, 2013

...give us something good to eat!

The changing seasons have definitely come to us weather-wise finally, and boy are we feeling it! Its been a cacophony of wheezing and coughing and pathetic whimpers around here for the past several days from the kids. And just as we are on the upswing it sounds like several other people are getting it, too. Hope anyone who is feeling ill will get better soon! We are ready to get back outside again, let me tell you. (Epsom salt baths seemed to really help my kids. A few cups of the salt in a hot bath will help you detox!)

We were itching for something Fall and fun to do inside yesterday, so we took the opportunity to do some of our traditional cookie decorating for Halloween. 

When I reached into the refrigerator to grab the dough that we mixed up earlier, I noticed that someone had been busy poking holes into it when I wasn't looking. :) (Cough, Evelyn!) I thought it looked a little like Jack Skellington, which is highly appropriate, so I took a picture, haha.

The girls love cookie cutting, because to them it's just like play dough! Only they are actually encouraged to eat their creations, which makes it even more awesome.

There were haunted houses and moons, cats and bats, witches and pumpkins...and if you squint really really hard you can almost tell which is which. :) For the record, yes I just realized that my daughters are wearing the exact same clothes that they wore in our last post...I promise it's a different day and they are CLEAN. Haha. (Hallelujah washing machine!)

It didn't take long for our cookies to bake up, and then it was time for the really fun part....

The girls were very meticulous...Evelyn with her spreading and Gracie with her concentrated mountains of sprinkles...

...sure to bust the tooth of anyone daring enough to try one of these morsels. Let's be honest...kid hands, coughing, nose adult is going to eat these things. But that's not the point, now is it? The girls had a lot of fun and were very proud of themselves. :) Such a simple activity to do when you're stuck inside. I did NOT make up the dough from scratch. Just a bag of cookie mix and a simple powdered sugar, milk, and vanilla icing. I may not be sick, but I've been up at night dealing with a sick baby, and my energy levels are nil. ;)

By the way, if you're ever in the market for an inexpensive cookie cutter set that covers all of your bases for all seasons, we have and love this one from Bed Bath and Beyond. Every shape you can think of, color-coded by season, and dishwasher safe...100 cookie cutters for $10. Can't beat it! They work great for play-doh and for distracting baby toys, too. Haha.

I'm just praying that everyone is well enough to take out into the cool Fall air soon. It has been forever since we've been able to take our family walks. I miss it, and before we know it, walking season will be over for us. Please Lord, no more sneezing and wheezing! :D

Alright you kids. We'll see ya next time!


Heather said...

Every day your posts make me hungry. I need to stop reading them before lunch, and start reading them during lunch!

Cassie said...

and go ahead and share that cookie recipe with us if you'd like :)


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