Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Goodbye For Now

I love the colors. I love the sights and the sounds and the smells. I love the tastes, and I love the cool breezes. I love the crunch of leaves and the flicker of candlelight from within smiling gourds. I love everything about Fall. But most of all, I love that Fall brings together friends and families - huddled on hayrides, around campfires, in pumpkin patches, at kitchen tables. It reminds us to stop and count our blessings. After all of the fun that Fall brings, we share meals and memories with a holiday all about thankfulness. And that is pretty awesome.

I have loved seeing all of the pictures of kiddos outside enjoying the bounty of the season. Keep them coming! The best time of the year is when my facebook page is filled with babies and pumpkins. :)

I'm obviously feeling pretty nastalgic about family lately. Sometimes...you really don't know whatcha got til it's gone.

Surprisingly, I'm not as emotional at "goodbye's" as I am at "hello's." It doesn't hit me right away the weight of what saying goodbye really means. Not after just spending lots of time with someone.

It's when a little time has passed. When there are parties someone is missing...holidays approaching that they won't be home for...reaching for the phone and realizing you can't just call that person to come over and watch some TV. That's when it sucks.

I had some really great quality time with my sister while she was home. Almost selfishly so. I know she spent a lot more time hanging out here than she got to spend at other places. And I am really thankful for that. :)

Everyone had to hop in for a photo before Shannon left for the airport. 

We will miss her, but I know that Shannon is ready and excited for her next phase of training over the next month. She gets to learn to shoot a lot more weapons, and what she's looking forward to most: throwing hand grenades. Baha. Many people are terrified of the grenades, and some end up not being able to pull the pin at all. Not Shannon. She can't wait. My brother Roger said that when he threw grenades he could feel them in his chest when they went off. (Which he thought was awesome.) How in the world am I related to these people? :)

Most importantly now, from Shannon and her family, we all want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been so encouraging through the last few months.

These were the cards and letters that Shannon brought home with her from bootcamp. Less than 13 weeks worth of correspondence, haha. Suffice it to say, I don't think there were many mail calls that Shannon didn't have something waiting for her. :) THANK YOU. I can tell you that the encouraging letters from home mean everything to recruits. I think it's fair to say that prayers and letters helped Shannon immensely to succeed while she was in bootcamp. If you ever know anyone that needs a letter, let me know - I would be happy to write them!

In the next phase of training Shannon will be able to use her phone - wahoo! Letters are awesome, but there is nothing like being able to hear someone's voice. 

I am home today with three under-the-weather kiddos. Evelyn is staying home from school, and she is NOT happy about it, haha. There is so much on my to-do list, and we just can't be sick. But if you check back with us tomorrow I will be sharing something fun from our weekend. Our Gracie girl is almost three years old - eee! We had her party on Friday, and it was lots of fun! 

See you tomorrow!


Sarah said...

I never thought of it that way before...but so true! It really does hit you later on. You have such a way with words. Really. Write a book or something hahahaha. Good luck Shannon!!!

Heather said...

I can't imagine giving up my sister for that long. Selfishly, I need her to be available if I need her...she's my second mom.

Cassie said...

yep - i cried too. can't help it.

good luck shannon!

Kim Roh said...

So happy you had a special time with Shannon. We are excited that she and Maria are in the same squad. God is good!


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