Monday, October 7, 2013

Our Week Begins!

My sister is home.


Shannon is kind of dodging cameras at the moment, but by the end of this week, I will have a sisters shot, mark my words. ;)

Ah, in the words of my mom it felt like we were in the Twilight Zone on Saturday with Shannon suddenly back in our midsts. It was a little surreal to be seeing her when the only communication we had for three months were hand-written letters sent snail mail across the country. 

I don't know if I expected her to be different or what, but she is just the same old Shannon as always. And when asked, it doesn't feel weird to her at all to be back in good ole Red Bud. "Just feels like I'm home," she says. "It felt weird to be in boot camp!" So now we are just praying for time to slooow down this week. We only get her for a few days before she hops on a plane again and we don't see her for months.

We decided that we needed to take our annual fall Eckert's trip while Shannon was home so that she could get a little taste of all of the festivities while she is here. Only...we pick the worst days ever to go to Eckert's. This is the third year in a row that we chose the chilliest most blustery day of the season to take our trip.

But despite the chill in the air, the kids were ready to go!

We chose a new location to go to this year - the Millstadt farm. (Eckert's has three different farms, for those of you not from around these parts.) And...more on how we felt about that later.

We wasted no time eating lunch and then feeding the goats!

Be still, my heart.

The kids had fun jumping on the giant "pillow."

It was slick and they were sliding everywhere, haha.

To escape the wind we walked through the corn maze.

This picture just cracks me up. :)

Ha, there's my sister. Poor Shannon. She went from super hot temperatures, sweating to death in her fatigues (or whatever they're called) to the wind and cold. She was freezing, so that cup in her hand was full of hot apple cider. :) 

Though being home feels totally normal and like she never left, there is one thing I've heard Shannon say more than once that she is adjusting to: apparently the civilian world is very LOUD. Even when it was just the kids and me hanging out with her at my parent's house she commented on the noise. I would have never guessed, but when drill sergeants aren't screaming at the recruits, the rest of their time is very quiet. The very busy farm was probably a little overwhelming, haha.

I think that the kids had a good time! But...I have to say...we are still fans of the Belleville farm. Millstadt came highly recommended, which is why we wanted to give it a try! I definitely see the appeal. It's a very down-home farm with varied activities...though our kids could only do some of the things, because they weren't big enough for everything.

But gosh darn, we couldn't get past the cost. Our kids can ride several rides, we can pick a pumpkin in the field, and have a sit down meal in the restaurant at the Belleville farm for the same or less cost than what we paid for the cover charge and carnival food at Millstadt. You could spend an afternoon at the Belleville farm just walking around and not spend a dime if you wanted.

I am sure the weather played a factor as well. I would have loved it to be warmer! We waited in lines for almost everything we did at Millstadt, and our kids have hardly ever waited for anything at the Belleville farm, even on a busy day. I'm glad we tried it out, but I think we'll be back to our old standard next year!  

Looking forward to the week ahead. I am putting everything together for an almost-three-year-old's birthday party while spending lots of time with Shannon. Tonight the holidays are coming a little early for our family. Mmmm...I can just taste it now! ;) Shannon's here right now hanging out, so....

See ya later!

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Sarah said...

We went to Millstadt yesterday too!! It was expensive, but the boys had a blast!! Thank goodness it is a yearly trip. I actually enjoye the weather. I usually work up a sweat taking care of everyone lol. Love the family photos! And the outfits. You cute little family you!!!!! Welcome home Shannon!!! So happy for you ☺


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