Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Thanksgiving Comes but Twice a Year

Evelyn came running into the room bright and early yesterday morning shouting, "It's Thanksgiving!!" It was so cute I couldn't even correct her right away. For all intents and purposes, yesterday really was Thanksgiving in our family. :)

We are doing the holidays in fast-forward this week while my sister is here with us. My mom came up with the idea to cook a Thanksgiving feast to enjoy together, and no one was mad about that. But before we stuffed ourselves silly Shannon and I vegged out at our house and began watching one of our favorite mini-series, The 10th Kingdom...it's so full of cheesy wonderfullness. If you love fairy tales...you've gotta watch it. All 10 hours of it. :)

All day long I was dreaming of some of my mama's cooking...because watching TV will really make you work up an appetite, you know. And that evening our faux Thanksgiving actually ended up being much like any typical holiday. The kids were running around and playing throughout the house, while the teenagers skulked about doing their own thing. Haha, some things never change.

 This is called "hovering." 
Which is proceeded by "pouncing."
 Which is proceeded by "gorging."

I think John must have been impressed with my kids' chugging skills, haha.

My silly brothers were eating in the living room. And yes, they are watching a smaller TV beneath a larger TV. John might have sorta kinda launched some batteries into the air, cracking the flat screen and sending it to TV heaven. Whoops! 

It was a delicious dinner, as usual, and so nice to share a meal like this while my sister is here to enjoy it!

I now interrupt this food fest to bring you: Reagan's new love.

The iPhone.
Reagan adores the iPhone.
Reagan must have the iPhone in his little hands at all times. 
And it must be set to the "home" screen, or the child will scream.
He doesn't want to play with it, he just wants to hold it. To have it in his possession.

...To adore it and call it his own.
And should you try to take the phone away from him...

It's not going to be a good day.

Ah, safe at last.

Reagan probably feels as deep of an affection for the iPhone as I do about pie. 

I love it so much, I actually told Eric to "Hey, take a picture of me with my pie!"

I'm gonna frame it.

Tonight we'll be cranking up some Burl Ives for an activity Shannon specifically requested while she is home. More holidays in fast-forward! I think we should do this stuff more often, because why not. Call up the family..."This Sunday is Easter. Go!" Doesn't matter if it's like, July. As long as everyone plays along, what's the difference? :)

Or maybe it's just my weird family. Haha.

Have a great day, friends!


Heather said...

Oh dude...this just made my stomach growl and my mouth water...how many days til Thanksgiving??

Sarah said...

It makes me heart happy that families like yours still exist ☺

Adrien said...

I have no idea, Heather, but you can come over for leftovers! :D

You always make me smile, Miss Sarah. Love!

Katie said...

Mmmm this made me really excited for Thanksgiving!

And I LOVE The 10th Kingdom! I asked Jake to get it for me for Christmas a few years ago and then made him watch all 10 hours with me...he doesn't appreciate it quite as much as I do, though. Oh well. I'll start Adelyn on it young so I'll have someone to watch it with me :)

Cassie said...

i agree with sarah - be thankful every day for this awesome family of yours!!


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