Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!

All three of my children may be sighted around town this evening as horned mythical creatures. For now we'll settle for our Halloween shirts. :)


If you could peek back into my life about 20 years or so ago, you would be looking at one excited kid today. Oh, how I loved trick-or-treating. We used to live in a big old house right on Main Street, and I remember standing at the front door, my stomach in knots, just waiting for the sun to go down so that we could go out for a night of fun. If I close my eyes I can almost feel those same anticipating butterflies....

I'm super excited for Evelyn today and her first ever class party. I think pretty much all children love classroom parties - that goes without saying. But I lived for those parties. I never loved school. Never was a super great student. So my school days were survived between holiday parties and field trips. Haha.

Last night we had a little pre-Halloween party of our own. Eric brought home a surprise for the kiddos, the new Monster's University movie, so we had a movie night and conditioned our sweet tooth's with some gooey chocolate chip cookies. I won't divulge how many I ate. I'm still full. :)

I still don't have video of my walking Reagan, but I do have pictures of him rattling his skeleton bones across the living room floor last night. 

My boy Dave Murray the weatherman says that most of the rain and storms should be cleared out by trick-or-treating time tonight. Let's hope that he's right!

We wish you all a fun and safe night tonight! And if you don't celebrate...have fun and stay safe, anyway. :)

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