Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christmas Tailgating

So I totally get the sentiments behind keeping the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays as their own separate thing. According to the stores, one day it's Halloween and then presto chango - Merry Christmas! It's frustrating for thankful turkey lovers everywhere.

I love Thanksgiving, myself. What's not to love? But…I also love Christmas. And I will be the first to admit that 25 days of it just isn't enough for me. The only thing keeping me from hauling out the holly right this very second is my annoying need deep inside to keep traditions alive and wait until the day after Thanksgiving (which comes entirely too late this year!) And my husband…don't think Eric would go for the Christmas tree up just yet, haha.

When I wake up on November 1st it's the "holiday season" in my world. Thanksgiving, Christmas - it's all good and it's all fair game. I would love to have more Thanksgiving traditions to keep, so if you have any ideas, let me know! We already do thankfulness stuff…after that I'm stumped. :)

All of that is so I can admit, we've been listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies since the beginning of the month, and we're not really sorry about that. I am in the holiday spirit. There is holly in my heart. And I love Jesus all year long, so we are already SO there. :D

This week has only intensified my feelings as we've had a few pre-Christmas tasks to complete. I am on the interior decorating committee at church, and it's already time to begin decorating for the holidays there. The Christmas Walk is coming up in our little town, and we are one of the trolley stops. That means we have to have the place decked out by next weekend!

The bulk of what has to be done will take place this Saturday and Sunday, but I am so thankful to a few guys who came in early this week to erect three 12 FOOT Christmas trees around the church. That's not an easy job to do! There are even more trees to put up and many more decorations…which I'm sure you'll be seeing. ;)

Thanks Eric, Todd, and Jeremy for doing the heavy lifting! Can't wait to fluff and decorate with church family this weekend. Haha.

We've also been doing a little gift buying and wrapping up this week. If you saw the vlog from yesterday then you know we went shopping for an Operation Christmas Child box, which the girls and I put together last night. Do you have any idea how hard it is to wrap a box with an attached lid so that it can still open and close?

While I wrapped the girls worked on pictures to put inside of the shoebox. We chose to make a box for a little boy aged 2-4.  Evelyn drew herself with the boy who will receive the box, hehe.

We managed to get it all to fit! One of the suggestions is to put some things that a child can quickly embrace as soon as they open the box - that's why we packed the teddy bear and a few toys right at the top. Both of the girls gave the bear a big hug before we put him inside so that they could "send a hug" to the friend we will probably never get to meet. :)

After that it was definitely one of these kind of nights:

Evelyn set up a brownie stand in the living room and Eric and I forked over plenty of pretend nickels for way too many brownies. :)

Reagan's too cutie for his PJ's, too cutie for his PJ's…baha.

That child. I don't know what to do with his hair. Half of the population approaches me and says, "Isn't it about time for him to be getting his haircut? It's getting a little…long." The other half says, "No, you can't cut his little curls yet!!" Haha. That is parenthood, folks. No pleasing everyone. (Don't try!) :D

So anyway, that's our story. We're at the Christmas tailgate party. The pre-show pep rally. But…everyone knows that part of the fun is in the anticipation, anyway…and in the midst of all of that there is another awesome holiday. Hey, tailgate parties are all about the food, right? Does that mean Thanksgiving is like the tailgate party of Christmas?? I think I'm on to something. 

And while we're at it, if there's such a thing as "trunk-or-treat" can we have a "trunk-and-eat?" Everyone could pull their cars together with trunks full of Thanksgiving food and drink, and we could just graze all day long. Heck yes, I think I've found my new Thanksgiving tradition! Who's game?? Haha. 

Have a great day!


Heather said...

Your holiday posts always make me hungry for turkey and dressing. Love those little baby pjs.

Cassie said...

i like it! i think you are on to something here. lol.

i would love to get a party together for all of the kids. just to come and play and do fun christmas things. idk - gifts do not even need to be included.

maybe a goofy christmas gift exchange or something. idk. i just think the kids would LOVE that. AND get santa to come. ohhhhh - let's do it! lol.

Adrien said...

Mmm…dressing…that's my favorite of all!

Cassie, I love that idea! Let's make this happen. :D Who has a Santa suit?? Haha. No, but really...


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