Monday, November 25, 2013

Festive Weekend

It took an hour for my fingers to defrost so that I could start typing this post today. Brrrr…it is stinkin COLD outside! Bone-chilling cold.

Of course that didn't stop us from dragging ourselves out at every possible chance we got to enjoy the "Holiday Happenings" around Red Bud this weekend. The lighted parade, the Christmas Walk…we even celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday. I'm not going to lie and say that it was all an amazing, happy occasion. Eric's words as we were leaving the parade after standing outside for an hour with three little kids: "Never. Again."

And honestly, I didn't disagree, haha. If it's this cold next year, we'll keep our hineys at home with a Christmas movie and some hot chocolate. :) Still, I thought it was super neat, and I am really glad we had the chance to go this year!

It isn't a parade if it doesn't start with a firetruck! And this one's horn scared the crap out of poor Reagan. He didn't leave his daddy's arms for the rest of the night. :) As for me, I was fumbling back and forth between taking video and taking pictures…with ungloved hands in the freezing cold. I literally couldn't move my fingers to buckle the kids into their carseats when it was over.

There were so many beautiful and creative floats. I mean…we're not a big city here, folks. We're talking population 3800. So the fact that there's an event like this at all makes our town…uhmazing.

Who doesn't love fake snow? 

If you made a float and don't see it here, that's probably because I was too busy getting video of it at the time. (Check back tomorrow!)

In Evelyn's words, this was the "BEST PARADE EVER!!!" So there ya go. The kids didn't mind the cold at all. :)

We had been looking forward to Saturday for quite a while, because it was the day we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family. Hooray! But before we did that, the kids and I took a few pictures for our Christmas card. 

I think I'll wait and share more on how that went later this week. ;)

It was a quiet Thanksgiving with just us…no Shannon…and my brother Roger had to work. But we definitely made the best of it. My mom made a delicious meal!

Wait until you hear what the kids were thankful for…oh my goodness…so glad I got it on camera. Baha!

We ended the evening with a new game. It was really fun! We highly recommend "Guesstures" for a fun time with any group. It's trivia-based, but it's trivia that no one actually knows…which makes it totally fair. :) It's all about guessing and getting the closest…my kind of trivia game.

Our Sunday was packed full with church in the morning and the annual Christmas Walk. Eric led a class at church last night, leaving me with the kiddos…and I might have fallen asleep on the couch for a few minutes there. Just enough time for Evelyn to dump out the entire contents of the toy bins in her bedroom and make a train in the living room out of them. Note to parents: don't ever fall asleep on the couch!

Haha, it was a super fun weekend, which would have only been made better by about 20 degrees or more, but hey…it's that time of the year! For lots of video of all of the Holiday Happenings and more, check back here tomorrow. See ya, friends!


Heather said...

I can't wait to see the rest of your Christmas pictures. That one of Gracie you put on Facebook Saturday...made me so excited to start capturing moments like that!

Cassie said...

awwww - no matter how cold it was, to hear your kids say it was the best parade ever - worth it!

i can't wait to see your Christmas cards. i love the sneak peeks!


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