Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

It's November say WHAT!

The month that always creeps up on me. Time to get ready for an onslaught of holiday commercials and stores that smell like a giant cinnamon stick. Well...let's be real...some stores have smelled that way since August. But now is the acceptable time frame for all that jazz. ;)

Before we turned a calendar page there was Halloween night. It was a wet one around here! Thankfully there were some lulls in the showers and we were able to hop in and out of cars without getting drenched. It could have been worse. could have been FREEZING and wet. But it was not, and we managed to have ourselves a great night out as a family!

I had no idea while I snapped a bunch of pictures that Evelyn was holding a piece of straw in front of her face. What a goob! :)

The girls decided that they needed to be the same thing this year, which is their favorite thing in all of the world - unicorns, of course. Reagan was our precious little monster. All three were cute and soft enough to snuggle! :)

Our first stop of the night was to Great Grandma's off we went!

It's here that we always try to get a family Halloween picture. 

And in case you forgot what our kids look like....

Maybe we get a little camera happy on Halloween, I don't know. :)

We had a nice visit there before going to my parent's house next. At this point in the evening it was raining pretty steadily. We knew we had half a dozen stops to make, so we were really hoping it would let up for us - and everyone else trying to have a fun night! We saw a lot families driving their kids trick-or-treaing with the car doors open so that they could just jump in and out, haha.

After my mom and dad's we made our trip to the nursing home. Once again it blessed my heart and I know the kids get a lot out of it, too when we go. All Evelyn could talk about when we left was how some people need help to take care of themselves when they grow old. Maybe they can't even walk by themselves anymore. But they are still important people and are loved by God. :) She is our tender-hearted baby. 

Both my great uncle Charlie and Grandpa Robert are in the nursing home, and we were glad that we were able to visit with Grandpa Robert for a while and show him the kids' costumes. :)

Uncle Charlie was snoozing while we were there, haha. We still popped into his room and let the girls see him for a minute. Then it was off to my great aunt Brenda's house! Thankfully by now the rain had let up a bit. 

My aunt Brenda is my uncle Charlie's wife, and they were both like grandparents to me growing up. They always make amazing treat bags! ;) We could make rounds to just family and never need to ring one doorbell to get loaded up with treats, haha. But then...that wouldn't be getting the full experience now would it? 

So we decided to check out the trunk-or-treat at the Lutheran school! Once again, the skies opened up and began to rain, so this was actually perfect timing. The trunk-or-treat had been moved indoors, and we ran into several people we knew there, which is always fun!

We got the biggest kick out of the fact that the "Thriller" video was being cranked at a church sponsored event. I mean. That is just hilarious to me. Made my night.

Then, once again, the rains dissipated. So we decided to let the kids go door to door - finally! We went to our usual spot to see some folks we know. :)

Our kiddos really stick out in a crowd with their lighted buckets. Love those things!

I was really impressed with how well Reagan did all evening. Just like Gracie last year, the only part he didn't like was having to get back into the car each time, haha. My kids never want to think that the fun is over. :)

We came home last night, lit up our pumpkin on the front porch, and enjoyed yummy slices of my mom's pumpkin pie - a post trick-or-treat tradition.

Despite the rain, we had a great Halloween!  Everyone stayed safe and happy, we met some new friends and neighbors and saw some old ones, we were invited into schools and homes - best night of the year for community! 

Now if I could just find that candy bar I sat down. I know it was here a minute ago....



Heather said...

HA! That last picture has me cracking up...little chocolate monster! :) Looks like everyone had a great Halloween!

Cassie said...

i love this! they looked awesome!!

every house we went to everyone said, i love your buckets!! thanks again for the awesome find and getting these for everyone!

Adrien said...

Hehe, I know - couldn't resist taking a picture of the chocolate monster. :)

A+ reviews on those buckets! Going to have to pick up some more next year, I think!


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