Friday, November 8, 2013

More Parties!

Here I am! Still alive. :) Our past two nights have been filled with parties. A surprise party for a friend on Wednesday and a jewelry party at our place last night. Whew, it takes me a week to build up to entertain in any way with three kids running around, haha. Maybe it's just me!

We've been having fun hanging out with friends and family and friends that are family. Good week! In the meantime I've also been trying to figure out our new camera, and more importantly, iMovie on our computer. There is either something wrong with our iMovie program or my computer aptitude is just not up to par. I'm also trying to adjust to remembering to film things and still take pictures to keep up with this blog. I meant to film at our party last night, and I totally forgot. Did get some pictures though!

My friend Andrea came over and turned our house into a jewelry store!

How much fun is that??

I just kept walking around in circles all night, and every time I made another lap around I saw something I missed before, haha. Or I'd realize, "Oh my gosh, it swivels and there's more on the back!"

Eric and Reagan were the only men in a flock of women all night…I love Reagan's face. "What the heck is happening in my house?"

Our sweet friend Helen let the girls pick out a bracelet from the little girls' line and bought it for them. Helen is a wonderful family friend, and we love to hear all of her stories. She and Gracie seem to have a special bond. :) Gracie loves to sing songs with Ms. Helen!

Anyway, it was very fun evening, and here are a few things that I picked out for myself.

If you ever get the chance to check out Paparazzi jewelry in person - do it! I couldn't get my camera to do the jewelry justice and pick up all of the sparkle that it really has. I know that a couple of people got some Christmas shopping done last night - score!

The only problem is that now I have enough leftover cookies, brownies, cheesecake, donuts, chocolate covered pretzels, and banana bread to feed a small army. Come to my house…and bring your appetite. ;)

I'm hoping…that maybe…Monday I will be able to share our first vlog. We'll see if I can get the kinks ironed out. Until then, have a happy weekend! :)


Heather said...

I wish I could have come last night...but my washer was supposed to be picked up for repairs at 5:00. Not so shockingly, they never showed up and didn't call until almost 8:00. Looks like she has some fantastic stuff though!

Adrien said...

There is nothing more frustrating to me than sitting at home waiting for someone to show up! She does have great stuff. If you wander out for the Christmas Walk I think she's going to have a table set up at the Lutheran school. :)


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