Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday Check In!

If you are reading this, it's a miracle! Blogger is not my friend. And speaking of friends, I don't see most of your updates at the moment, either. What's the deal, blogger? What? I promise I'm not ignoring anyone, I'm being sabotaged….

Last night Evelyn came running into the kitchen yelling, "Mom, you have to come check out this Pampers commercial! Do you know what Pampers are? They are soft and they keep babies dry. Come on, you have to look! PAMPERS, MOM!"

Eric and I were cracking up. She was so genuinely excited about Pampers, though she insists that they are not actually diapers. They are better than diapers. I watched the commercial with her on the computer, and she made sure to point out how Pampers help babies sleep comfortably ALL night long.

Later when I was trying to put Reagan to sleep for the night, out of the blue she sat by me and said, "The reason why he isn't going to bed for you, because he needs Pampers."

I don't know what kind of hypnotic powers the marketing people at Pampers put into their commercials, but they have Evelyn sold. Her children will probably never be caught dead in anything other than Pampers. :) And it's pretty obvious my kids don't watch a lot of commercials on a regular basis, haha.

So we are going to be trying to take pictures for our Christmas card sometime in the next few days. The weather is another foe on our non-friends list at the moment. The kids and I jimmied up a little something in our bedroom yesterday to test some ideas out…we'll see how this goes. Every time I purposely try to take pictures for a Christmas card, things seem to go horribly wrong.

I think I've finally got my camera setting right. Now we just need some sunshine. Er…this could be interesting!

By the way, does anyone know of any good public pine trees in the area? We are ISO some pine trees. :D

Hope you all are having a good week! We're trying to make the best out of being stuck inside. Crossing my fingers and toes and saying prayers that the weather is nice for all of the holiday happenings in town this weekend! For the first time in three years none of us are sick.

Now let's see if I can get this thing to post. Happy Thursday!

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Heather said...

I can't wait to see your Christmas pictures. They always make me smile :)


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