Friday, December 20, 2013

Confession Friday 12-20!

Well, Evelyn missed her class Christmas program, and the church program, too, but at least she gets to go to her classroom Christmas party today - that's something right? Good thing she's feeling okay, because we're supposed to bring some of the treats! Like these lovely Santa lips. :)

Oh. These things. They're not only obnoxious looking, they are also WHISTLES. And that pretty much puts me on the parent hate list for the rest of the year. Luckily for me, the year ends soon. :) The kids love them, and that's all that counts, haha.

It's time to do some confessing.

I confess that I felt like such crap when I was sick that the THOUGHT of being on a computer made me want to hurl. That's saying something from the gal who blogs during labor.

I confess that my biggest fear going into 2014 is….getting pregnant. And why? Because it will screw up our Disney vacation plans. :) Priorities!

I confess that my biggest hope for 2014 is….that absolutely nothing life-altering, over the top, or too interesting happens to us. For one year. Please. I just need a little boring time with my family. And a mouse. That's all I need.

I confess that the mountain of laundry I have to catch up on post-sickness would need to be scaled with an oxygen mask in tow. It's ridiculous. And I never know what lovely surprises I may find when I reach into the pile. Eeeee….

I confess that I think it's completely bogus that I get heartburn when I eat spicy food now. What am I, 45??

I confess that Eric is a better parent than I'll ever be. He has more patience, he's more organized, he's more reasonable and responsible. He's a good egg.

I confess that I hit a totally low point in my life this week…I let the stress of nothing going right lately get to me, and I snapped. Like psychotic, who is this person - snapped. My poor family. Now when Gracie throws a fit, Eric says, "You sound like mommy when she doesn't get to see the Christmas lights!" :D Okay, so we laugh about it now.

I confess that no activity is a bigger pain in the butt for me to get out and clean up than play-doh. That's why my kids are getting two new sets for Christmas! Wait, what?

I confess that Reagan is FINALLY getting some bottom teeth in - but gosh dang, we're still breastfeeding! :D All Reagan wants for Christmas is his two front teeth, his two front teeth….

I confess that if you see my mom around and she looks like she's levitating right off the ground, it's because my sister is coming home tomorrow night for the holidays. I'm pretty sure they are counting down the hours.  :)

Finally, because I love to drop subtle hints here, I confess that I need a date night in a bad way. I need kid-free time. I need to leave this house. And I miss conversations with my husband. So…just in case someone in particular is reading this today…I thought I'd throw that out there.

We hope you have a great last weekend before the holidays! So much to do, so little time. :) Have fun, don't sweat the small stuff, and count your blessings!


Cassie said...

hang in there!! you will get to see christmas lights. lol.

sometimes just going outside for three minutes by yourself is all you need.

hope you get that date night soon.

and YAY for shannon coming home!!

Sarah said...

Oh mama! I'm right there with you. Being a sahm in the middle of the winter is the worst. I haven't even gone out to eat in months & the longest adult conversation I've had in a month was with the doctor. I don't know what I need more. A date night or a Sarah day. Hang in there! Just keep picturing your trip!!!!

And about the heartburn... Might want to get that checked out. I all of a sudden started getting horrible heartburn. Had an EGD done a couple weeks ago & found out I have a hiatal hernia that has been causing all the pain.

Adrien said...

Thank you girls! OH, the holidays! :D

Eee-gads, Sarah, I'm going to have to google that one!


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