Tuesday, December 3, 2013

For the Holidays You Can't Beat Home Sweet Home

One of the most important ideas about "home" that I have ever heard is that home should be a place of sanctuary. I've always thought that it was my job to create a place of rest and peace and comfort for my family so that when it's time to walk outside our front door and face the world, we are recharged and ready. I am not always successful at this. :) Sometimes home is loud and messy and chaotic. But we try. When we fail, we try again. When the world seems to be spinning in mad circles, this place needs to be grounded.

So we have our traditions and we have our fun at our house. We have all of the things that make the Robert family the Robert family, just as I know each of you have traditions and ways of doing things, too. As I looked around our living room this weekend I saw crayon marks on the walls and carpet that needs replacing. I saw curtains hanging askew and furniture covered in tattering slip covers. And my first thought was, "This so isn't our dream home…."

And then I stepped back for a minute, watching the kids decorate the christmas tree together. And I soon realized…"Yeah, it is. This is it."

I grew up being taught that a church isn't the building in which people gather to worship…it's the people who are worshipping together that are the church. Likewise, a home isn't just walls and bricks and a roof overhead. A home is the family living inside of it - no matter how big or small.

Dream home, indeed.

After we put up the tree this weekend we continued kicking off Christmas around here with the arrival of our resident elf, Moe. We love that little guy. We especially love that he comes bearing breakfast. :)

The girls were tickled that there were peppermint sticks in their hot chocolate. (So was I - made it really yummy!)

Surprise! North Pole breakfast was a hit for the second year in a row. 

I love when home comes with bed heads. :) Gracie and I definitely take the bed head prize in this family, haha.

With December also comes the fun of donning our gay apparel. Unfortunately, one of us didn't feel very gay about their apparel.

 That boy just doesn't want his mama to put him down. :)

Hehe, Gracie.

Last night we had a special visitor swing by the house to drop off some very important packages. 

Grace couldn't wait to put her new PJ's on.

It was another year of the kids having no idea what was in those boxes. Someday they are going to catch on. :)

An online friend recently asked a group of moms if there was one holiday tradition that they honestly couldn't stand. Some said that they despised putting up the christmas tree, while some thought sending cards was a waste. Other moms said that they secretly dreaded their children's christmas programs or that they were scroogey about baking tons of cookies. 

What did I say? Nothing. Haha. I couldn't think of  a single thing about the holiday season that I don't LOVE and embrace with giant, open arms. :D It's an opportunity to have fun with my family, in our home, because they are my home on this earth. It's an excuse to do things that are out of the ordinary. And to end each day focusing on the real reason for the season…I love it. Love everything about it.

We hope that all of our friends will have a very merry Christmas season this year, and we pray for those who aren't able to go home - may you find homes away from home to celebrate with! Sending Christmas blessings from our family to yours!


Heather said...

I love how cozy your house always looks. So very warm and inviting. And I'm digging those new PJ's!! Might have to get myself some.

Cassie said...

i love this post! you are so so right!!

again it's one of those, it's not where you are, it's who you are with.

and i agree - NOTHING about this holiday season is a drag to me. i love it all!!

Katie said...

Love this! I've been really overwhelmed by all the house projects we want to get done and feeling like I'm never caught up and the house is never clean….so I definitely needed the reminder!


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