Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year Goals!

Well, I fell asleep putting Reagan to bed last night, haha. I've been doing that a lot lately. Almost as if my body is saying, "I'm going to make you go to bed if you like it or not!"

So now I'm going to try to whip something up while I feed the kids breakfast this morning. I thought, since it's New Year's Eve and all, that maybe I should share some of our family goals for 2014. It's going to be a gooood year! ;) Lord willing! Most of these aren't "resolutions." Not things we are going to try to accomplish…but things we are really planning to happen. Things we've been working on for a while that are finally going to come together.

1.) We are going to be debt free by spring!!!!!! Woot! :) No more student loans for us.
2.) We're road tripping to Nashville to meet Mr. Dave Ramsey and scream "Weeeee'reee debt freeee!" on the radio. Can't wait.
3.) We are going to ship Eric off to Haiti to continue work with The Pitch.
4.) We're going to Disney World - hallelujah.
5.) We're looking forward to GIVING more.

Now here are some things that are up in the air for us. What will 2014 bring….?

*Will we move? And if so, are we finally making the move to another town? That's been the plan all along. Sigh…don't want to say goodbye to this place, but there are other things on the horizon…..

*Will we have another baby?? Haha. That is NOT in our plans, but not a single one of our babies has been planned.

*Will we make plans to travel to the holy lands? We sure want to! (See the last question...)

And, okay, here are a few resolutions that I am personally going to try to work on in the New Year. Oh how I want to do these things!

1) I want to have more patience with my kiddos. I mean, I wish I could make some resolutions on their behalf as well, haha, like "We will pick up our toys, and we'll stop being so wild, and we won't color on the walls!" But still. How I react is up to ME. Patience. I need it.

2) I want to continue working on strengthening my relationship with God. I want to read his word more, pray more, listen more.

3) I want to outdo Eric in love. Gah, he's my best friend. I want to keep it that way, forever.

4) I want to talk less and listen more to my peers. Debating isn't always worth it. (Even if you know you're right. HA!) Love. Just love them.

5) I want to get more rest, which will probably help a lot with my first resolution. ;)

So that's it - some goals, some resolutions…lots of things are up in the air. But I think all in all, we have a whole lot to look forward to in 2014! I can't wait. It'll be a banner year! Haha. I guess we'll see you in the New Year, friends! Hope you'll join us for more life. :)

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Cassie said...

i am SO excited that you guys are finally going to disney!!

AND debt free - i would scream it too girl. so exciting!!!


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