Thursday, December 12, 2013

Peace, Joy, and Living Wills

So yesterday Eric and I had the pleasure of sitting down with an attorney (and a very wiggly one year old) to discuss something we all want to talk about this time of the year: our will. That's right, friends. We are spending our free time this holiday season conversing about what will happen if we prematurely kick the bucket. Merry Christmas!

I suppose it isn't an entirely irrelevant topic for Christmas. I mean, we have the sweet little manger scenes, and angels, and lowing cattle, and shepherds, and all of that -which is awesome. I love a good manger scene. I love the sweet little baby Jesus, with his sweet little baby cheeks, and his fat little thighs. I'm sure he was a precious bundle.

But. Jesus was born to die. That was the whole point of his coming in the first place.

Yeah! See? So we're not so random after all. Keeping the spirit of the season alive and


As if talking about trusts and assets wasn't thrilling enough, we've added another pleasurable event to our holidays: a sick, puking child.

Poor Evelyn. She will be totally fine one minute, and then it starts going downhill...she gets quiet, starts complaining that her belly hurts, and then...bleeeech. Obviously she has some sort of random stomach bug. I hope and pray that she spends the entirety of this Thursday puke-free. We do NOT want to miss school on Friday. I've waited all year for her Christmas program at school, and Eric is taking a half-day off of work.  :)

Evelyn just woke up and stumbled into the living room.

"You feel okay, Evie? Are you going to be sick?"


Prayers would be appreciated that she really is miraculously better, haha.

So we are spending the day in the Robert family infirmary...hoping that we're not incubating an illness to be passed on to every other member of the family. We don't have time for being sick - too many fun things going on.

We took the girls to the movies to see Frozen the other day, and Olaf the snowman perfectly ties it all together for us today. A snowman who wishes it were summer (me too!) and who obviously has a death's a must see. If you haven't seen it, here's a spoiler for you. Two running minutes of the actual movie...and they're a funny two minutes. :)

Haha, happy random Thursday.

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Heather said...

Ahhh I want to see that movie so bad!!

Hope Ms Evie feels better soon!! Popsicles and 7-up!


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