Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Wow, Thanksgiving seems so long ago already. :) We had a great one. When Evelyn gets a break from school it feels like I do, too! (Can't wait for Christmas vacation, haha.)

I was so exhausted last night that I couldn't even stay up to blog. So while I intended to do a weekend wrap up today, I think instead it's going to be a quick wrap up of our Thanksgiving day. We spent Thanksgiving at Eric's grandparent's house, where both Eric's mom's and dad's side of the family came together to celebrate. Our day was very kid-centric!

We didn't know that Eric's cousin Amanda and her family would be there - what a great surprise! Since they won't be here for Christmas, Amanda brought early gifts for the kids. 

And they played with them

How cute is that? Amanda made these felt fish games herself, which is awesome, I say. She is an art teacher, so when she sees something on Pinterest, she doesn't think "Wonder if I could do that?" She thinks, "I can do that better!" Haha. And she did - this set is even more adorable in person. Thanks, Amanda!

Just before the call for dinner it was decided that we should try to get a picture of all of the Robert family cousins. You know, before cranberry sauce and gravy threatened to ruin their clothes for the day. Amy kept the kids interested by throwing felt fish to them…haha…our little seals. :) That's why it looks like the kids are trying to catch something in many of these pictures.


We were blessed with a gorgeous Thanksgiving day, so after everyone ate, many of the kids put on their jackets and went across the street to the playground. I didn't take my camera over, but they spent quite a while running off all of the food they ate. :) When they weren't busy playing outside, the kids were having fun hanging out in grandma's basement….

I even caught Reagan doing a little fishing….

He's seriously growing up so fast, right before my eyes. 

I found Gracie lounging upstairs...

I actually didn't see a lot of Eric while we were celebrating, haha. He was chatting all day long while I hung out with the kids. Get him around relatives who will talk history and politics with him, and well…that's it! :)

So you can imagine that when Eric's grandma mentioned that she had some neat old newspapers downstairs that Eric was all over that.

Newspapers from when President Kennedy was assassinated, notable sports moments, and LOTS of newspapers about space. I couldn't help but think maybe he should have been wearing gloves or something while looking through these. :D

It really was a great day, filled with food and a packed house of people. Just the way holidays should be! I remember at one point glancing up at the clock and realizing we had been hanging out for over five hours when it only felt like we had been there a little while. That's when you know you're having fun!

We did so much more the rest of the weekend, but that's going to have to wait. It's time for me to get kids ready for school…back to reality! The regular weekly vlog will probably pop up on Wednesday this week. I am so behind on everything, and we were without our regular vlogging camera this week. It made trying to film anything interesting, but we managed. :) See you back here tomorrow for our family's Christmas holiday kick off!

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Heather said...

Goodness...Reagan looks so grown up in those pictures!!


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