Wednesday, December 18, 2013

When Holidays Attack

I was a little surprised in logging in today that my blog hadn't been hacked. I did just abandon it, after all….

I really don't want to go into the very specific details of what happened while we were away. It was a horrible, horrible time in our lives. Evelyn did end up passing on her virus to each and every one of us. We literally dropped like flies. We were running from it…dodging, ricocheting, ducking…and one by one, we watched each of our comrades snatched by the ankles and dragged backward by the enemy. First it was Gracie…and then Reagan…and then Eric….I was hoofing it alone for about 20 minutes before it got me, too. :)

Not exaggerating, last Saturday night was probably the worst night of my LIFE. And if not the worst, then it was definitely top 3 - for sure top 3.

One of the worst parts of all was the timing. We missed a lot while we were stuck at home. Evie's Christmas program at school, going to see Christmas lights, the Christmas program at church, which the girls were supposed to be a part of, friends' holiday open houses…all in the same weekend. We missed it all. Wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't the type who sits and dreams about this stuff starting in August. And if I didn't have a four year old still asking, "When do I get to do the program at school for our friends and parents?" with a quivering lip.

But the good news is, we're doing better now! Evie got to go to school yesterday for the first time since last Wednesday. And when she got home, the kids went outside to build a snowman with their grandma. :)

We missed most of the snowy fun when everyone else was having it, but the kids managed to get a little play time in before it all melted.

I wish I had gotten this on camera, because Evelyn was literally squealing with delight…I think everyone was happy to outside and free. And ever since seeing "Frozen" my girls love snowmen!

Reagan got to touch snow (finally!) for the first time….

…and he ate it, of course. What kid doesn't eat snow?

We are really trying to make up for some lost time now in our Christmas season. I am still addressing cards, there are last minute things to purchase, lots of gifts to wrap, places to go, activities to do….whew…terrible weekend for us to be sick! But we can do it. One week. We have one week until Christmas Day. Six days until the first of our FIVE family Christmases. I think we can, I think we can….


April Robert said...
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April Robert said...

I was wondering what happened. Glad to hear you're all better and hopefully now won't be sick anymore this season.

Heather said...

So glad everyone is feeling better!!!

Cassie said...

hang in there!! glad everyone is better!


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