Friday, January 10, 2014

Confession Friday 1-10!

WOOHOO!! It's 2 am, and I'm jacked up on sweet tea!!

Feeling pumped, friends. I'm awake. I can actually blog! It's a party over here on Country Club Dr. I'm going to pay for this in the morning, and I.don', cause I didn't fall asleep before 10:00pm, and that means I've gotten a whole evening all to myself.

This calls for some confessions!

I confess that when I haven't cried in far too long and I just need to let the floodgates open, I pop in The Notebook. Works like a charm every time. :) (Why is that? We know what happens! Haha.)

I confess that all drinks taste better from a fancy water goblet. Even Dr. Pepper.

I confess that I was thoroughly amused all week watching people get cabin fever being stuck inside. Ahahaha…. Welcome to my life, glad you could join me! :D

I confess that there is nothing like finally arriving at your destination, going to get your child out of their carseat, and discovering that someway, somehow, they snuck a chocolate bar along for the ride.

Eric and I still don't know how he accomplished it, but he had chocolate from head to toe, the little stink! :)

I confess that I love the planet Earth, and I think we should absolutely be careful with our wastefulness. But goodNESS I didn't have paper plates for lunches the past week and I thought I was going to die. So…many…dishes….

^I confess that I literally laugh out loud when someone says, "Stay at home moms have twice as much time to get chores done." No, no. Try, "Stay at home moms have twice as many chores, because we're home all day messing everything up!" Haha.

I confess that Reagan decided to officially stake his claim as "typical" little brother, and I think it's hilarious. He enjoys messing with his sisters, and he even busted out a new, maniacal laugh this week just for when he drives them nuts. :D

I confess that I am SO excited to finally get the diamond put back in my engagement ring tonight!! (It fell out, and I miraculously found it - whew!) I've been wearing the ugliest ring on the planet for the past week.

I confess that this post was actually a long rant on polygamy before I decided to do Confession Friday. I'm not kidding, I'm ticked off about it. Maybe I'll publish that another time. (Random, I know!)

Evie's hair is finally starting to grow out:

She's pretty excited about it. :)
And those are bathtub crayons, fyi. Haha.

Evelyn confesses:

I confess that I am Anna and Elsa's biggest fan. I like their movie in the movie theatre. I love them so much.

I confess that Grace took the iPad away from me, and it made me sad.

I confess that sometimes I'm naughty, but Santa gave me presents anyway. Right mommy? Why did he give me presents, anyway? (Ahaha.)

Grace confesses:

I confess I like to wash my hands.

We hope you have a fun weekend! Ours is full, and I'm looking forward to it. :) We're supposed to hit the 50's on Sunday - say what?! Awesome. Happy weekend!


Cassie said...

whattt - MAYBE a walk in january - here's to wishful thinking.

have a great weekend!

Joyce said...

So much for the theory of sugar hyping a kid up...looks like the opposite effect on cutie pie Reagan..LOL


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