Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kids are growing around here.

He kisses, gives fives, claps to music, says "shhh" with his finger, points and motions for what he wants, follows simple directions, uses the iPhone…Reagan is a big boy. Yesterday he was talking my ear off all day long. I have no idea what he was saying, but judging by the inflection and hand motions, it was all very important. :)

Every once in a while I'll make a comment about how big Reagan is getting and Evelyn will have to ask, "Are you sure he might be bigger than me someday?"

"He probably will be, " I say. "Boys are usually a little taller than girls."

"But not if he has dwarf-iz-ism."

"Your brother doesn't have dwarfism."

"But if he did…"

"Then yes, you would probably be taller than he would be."

We've seriously had this conversation 10 times. Thanks to TLC, my child is fascinated by "dwarf-iz-ism," and she remains unconvinced that her brother doesn't have it. :)

I love kids - they crack me up. There's another kid in my life that recently had a birthday, and we celebrated it last night. My little brother John turned 6 on Sunday. (He is getting waaaay too big! Literally, he's a super tall kid and our whole family is SHORT, haha.) There was dinner, there was cake, there were some presents - you know, the usual birthday protocol.

I knew we were in trouble with the gift we brought when John said, "I bet I know what it is - Power Rangers!!" Um….

Nope. :D

Haha. John loves Power Rangers. And I know that he has quite a few of those toys, so I thought…well, maybe we'll get him something different. What did I choose? Spin Art. You know, those spinning wheels that you can put paint on and they make cool designs? I thought it would be something he didn't have that would be fun. Ahahaha. 

"What is this?"

Clearly, spin art is not all the rage among six year old boys. So of course, we had to give him a hard time about it the rest of the night. "Wanna do some spin art, John??" Hehe. Thankfully, my mom knows her kid, and he did get some Power Rangers. :)

It was a fun evening celebrating a smart, funny, and sometimes goofy little (big) guy. I've already shared some of our past week in a video, but I thought I'd share some more memories in another short vlog - a special "John's Birthday" edition. :)

Happy Wednesday!


Heather said...

Happy Birthday John!!!

Christine Pettijohn said...

Happy Birthday John!!

Adrien said...

Thanks girls, I'll pass along your wishes when I see him this afternoon. :)

Cassie said...

too cute - i love how your mom is even trying to be like "yeah, spin art is cool, you can drop stuff in there and make cool art things." lol. lol. lol.


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