Monday, January 27, 2014

Let's Do This Again

I have this vision as I'm sitting at the computer late at night, listening to the next ridiculous cold front blow in. I can hear things being knocked over outside, and our house settles and pops with each gust…so it's inevitable that soon the walls will be lifted from their foundation and we'll go spinning through the air like Dorothy and Toto. If a wicked witch flies by our window, I'll let you know!

Oh but yesterday was so glorious. Every year our family is amazed when we get a rare treat in February to get outside and take our first walk of the season. There are usually only a few of those days, those bright spots in winter, when we can actually enjoy the outdoors without freezing our nubs off. So we were extra thankful when that first day came in January this year! We needed it. Bad. And if you would have told me a few days ago that we would be outside without coats on yesterday, I would have been shocked. I knew what the weathermen were predicting, but I had to see it to believe it. :)

I believed! Oh, I believed! Thank ya, Jesus. Hallelujah! I will never doubt the miraculous, odd, bi-polar weather of midwest again. Anything is possible.

Few things.

1. The girls didn't even need that blanket, they just wanted it because…Anna and Elsa - duh! Frozen is the best movie ever.

2. Gracie still rocks her shades upside-down. She doesn't care what anyone thinks, that is the correct way.

3. Yes, we still have straw bales on our front porch. Anyone need straw? We don't!

We literally didn't make it a quarter of the way on our path before both of the girls were out, haha. The magical power of fresh air. 

This little dude did amazing!

Our walks aren't for the impatient kiddos…they are almost two hours long some days. We were so pleased that Reagan didn't make a peep the whole time. That is good news for prime walking season this year. ;) And he did eventually drift off, too….

Sigh…we knew the warm sunshine wouldn't last forever. As we were about as far away from home that we could get in our little town, we could see the slate-gray sky in the distance…the winds began to pick up…the sun was setting. We literally starting walking to beat the cold front home. Even busted out some fleece to combat the wind, haha. 

The cruddy thing about winter is that we find ourselves spending so much more time in front of the tv, with our computers, the kids playing countless video games and games on our phones. We might be stuck inside together, but we're not always "together" if that makes any sense. I love the family time we get on these walks. Eric and I actually remember that we have intelligent things to say to one another. :) Everyone agreed that we are more than ready to do this every day.

So I guess I'm doing this weekend wrap-up in reverse. On Saturday Eric was gone from sun up until sun down for an MBA class in Edwardsville. He's trying something new this term. Instead of taking a once a week night class for a whole semester, he's taking an entire class in three days. Three looong weekend days. Sounds a little bit like torture to me. :) But we've learned something about ourselves lately…we'd rather take greater pain over a short amount of time than drag something out. We've found this to be true for a lot of different things, so hey, why not follow the same philosophy for school? Only two (or three?) more classes to go after this one!

On Friday evening we had dinner with Eric's dad and let the kids play for a bit at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Gracie put on a concert from the Frozen soundtrack, because that is what Gracie does these days. (Did you know that next weekend they are releasing a sing-along version of Frozen in select theaters? Grace would FLIP out! She can't read, but that wouldn't stop her from belting out every single word, haha.)

I am currently in denial that I have to drag all three kids out in the cold to take Evie to and from school. Reagan had just gotten over a cough and then got it back again last week because of those trips in and out of the nasty weather. Boo. Winter is my least favorite. Followed by spring, cause it's too rainy and sneezy. Followed by summer, which I mostly like. Followed by fall…fall is perfect. :) Okay, I'm rambling. Happy week!

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Cassie said...

yes, yes, PTL for walks!!

and we are now frozen lovers too. we might need to look into this sing along :)


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