Monday, January 6, 2014

Let's Go On Vacation….

Happy snow day!


Happy snow day?

Those are my two greetings depending on what camp you belong to - the folks who are thrilled for an excuse to stay home and the ones who would rather it was June. Personally, I do a celebratory fist pump any time school is cancelled, but I am not a cold weather person either. I totally see both sides.  I'm neutral, cause I ain't got no place to be.

It is nasty out there though, and the snow drifts and wind are absolutely ridiculous. I do know there are some who can't avoid being on the roads today, so we are praying for the safety of those who are traveling - particularly our friends the Mathenia's and all of those serving in important jobs for our community.

We really haven't been doing much around here since the holidays - mostly decompressing from the craziness! There is quite a bit that I didn't get to share from even before Christmas that I may try to get to this week. I mean…because updates on all of the Disney Junior we've been watching are probably not going to be all that thrilling for you. :)

Speaking of Disney…

That's what I've been up to. I was given the green light to start planning vacation for this year, and I wasn't mad about that assignment. Since ordering my very first Disney vacation planning dvd in 2005 (baha) I have been acutely aware that there are two ways to vacation in Disney World.

1.) Book your room, buy your tickets, and wing it.


2.) Plan every single detail of your trip ahead of time…because to get what you want and do all that you want to do…you sorta have to. (Like it or not.)

In order to get the best restaurants and experiences it's good to know where you'd like to eat well before your departure day - 180 days before to be exact, which is when you can call to begin booking your dining reservations. (People are on the phone at MIDNIGHT on their 180 day mark. They are crazy. I will probably be one of them, but don't tell anyone.) And since I plan on changing my mind about 958634973967 times between now and then, Eric and I agreed I needed to get started mapping out our itinerary now. :D

So if you wanna know what we're going to do on our trip (all subject to change) well, let me show you what I have planned (this week). Ask Eric, we've switched resorts about four times already, haha. SO. MANY. CHOICES.

We will be staying here:

Port Orleans Riverside

For six nights in October. Which means the parks will be decorated like this:

And that thrills me in so many ways.

We are doing a ton of character dining meals, because let's be smart about it…why wait in line at the parks to see characters when you can meet many of them with a reservation while you eat? No brainer.

Day 1

Breakfast at The Crystal Palace inside the Magic Kingdom. Pooh and his friends will be joining us here...and the best part? If we are lucky enough to snag an early reservation, we will be allowed entrance into the park BEFORE it's open. That means an empty Main Street USA and Cinderella Castle all to ourselves. It will be worth the early wake up. ;)

Day 2

Lunch at Hollywood & Vine inside Hollywood Studios. Rumor has it that Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First are the new characters that will be doing meet and greets here - the girls are gonna flip out. 

Day 3

Lunch at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall inside the Norway pavilion at Epcot. This is a princess storybook dinner - by far the fanciest meal of the week. There's no way we could skip out on the princesses. Typically Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, Snow White, Aurora, and sometimes even Mary Poppins are here.

Day 4

Lunch at Tusker House in Animal Kingdom. It's a buffet of African and American cuisine with Donald Duck and pals. Should be fun, and this one came highly recommended to me.

Day 5

While this isn't technically a character dining meal, Beast does come out to say hello! We're having lunch at the Be Our Guest restaurant inside of Beast's castle in New Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom. This restaurant is…insane. Google it. It is over the top, five stars for theming.

Day 6
Departure Day :(

To send us off, we're going to have breakfast at Ohana at the Polynesian Resort with Lilo and Stitch. I hear the Tonga Toast is to die for. ;)

Sigh…we're a long way from October…but that just means I have more time to dream, right? :) We have lots of other eating plans to make, so if you have a favorite spot in The World to dine with your family, let us know! We can't possibly do it all in one trip, so that's why we're going to visit again…and  again…and again…right Eric? :)

Ah, my coping mechanism on a frigid, snowed-in day. I just wish the warm breezes I was feeling were coming from a sunny southern sky and not my furnace. If you are b.o.r.e.d like me, I highly recommend vacation planning - even for a fake vacation. It will pass the time quite nicely. And unless your dream vacation is to Antarctica, perhaps it will warm you up from the inside. 

Happy Monday, friends! Stay safe and warm wherever you are!


Sarah said...

Wow. That sounds amazing! Can you plan out our next trip? We are more of a spur of the moment kind of family. Which has its ups and downs haha. I can't wait until baby #4 arrives (and is old enough to appreciate it of course) for us to go to Disney!!!!

Cassie said...

can i PLEASE be your kid!! lol. please.

are you guys actually going to go to the parks and do the rides? or more just character things. i would love to know all the details.

we are going soon! i am doing disney without diapers. come on henry!!

Adrien said...

Sarah - I will help you! I would LOVE to help you! Been planning our trip for years, haha. P.S. Kids under three are free! Can you swing it before Liam turns the big 3?? Will save you lots!

Cassie, we are doing the parks every single full day. But we are taking it slow and resting in the afternoons. There is a new thing now called fast pass plus, which is replacing the old fast pass system. Basically, you can reserve your spot in line for a few of your favorite rides or even a spot for parades or fireworks before you ever leave on your trip. So you can hit the "must do's" in the morning before lines are long and reserve other attractions later, and you'll never have a long wait for anything. That is our #1 priority for going with little kids - no long lines. That, and go in the off season!

Anonymous said...

We go to Disney ever year. And with 5 kiddos! I recommend you stay at the Caribean Beach Resort. The pool is to die for girl the kiddies. And it is much more kid friendly than Orleans. Book dining early as it fills up quickly. As dries the princess boutique. You gave to do this. They dress up your kids as princesses. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Typing on my iPad is crazy. Sorry for the typos. :)

Adrien said...

Haha! Yes, I want to make sure I've got my dining reservations nailed down before the 180 mark. Don't want to chance anything. Our schedule is so full since it's our first trip that I think we're saving BBB for our second trip. For sure a must-do…I wish we could do it all!

CBR looks awesome, but I don't think we'll be swimming this time, anyway. Another one of those things that will be up in the air based on how we feel in the afternoon and if we need naps - likely! The quieter atmosphere of POR is what appealed to us. Truthfully, my kids would probably love the Value resorts, but we need a bigger room, haha.

Amber Nicholson said...

they have a pirate dress up in magic kingdom for little dudes too so they don't get left out of the dress up fun. you must do the haunted mansion ride! it was probably my favorite one in magic kingdom. i went to disney world for the first time while i was living in south carolina and fell in love with the place. you all are going to have a blast!

Adrien said...

YES - Have to do the Pirate's League for Reagan next trip, too! Amber (or anyone) - Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean are the two rides I want to do at MK that I'm worried the kids might freak out on. (Even though I know they aren't truly scary for adults.) What do you think? Should Eric and I ride swap or are they tame enough for preschoolers?

Jackie said...

Mom and Rick have been to 100 times....maybe not that much but a lot. They would be great ones to talk to if you have questions. They did the breakfast with the princess and all that jazz! I am sure you will see them at church at some time!


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