Thursday, January 2, 2014

Seven Christmases in Under 10 Minutes!

Eric is back to work, and I guess that means we have to get back to normal around here. Boo! Haha. Tree is down, living room is finally picked up, and it's a brand new year! Happy 2014, friends!

I decided that the only way I could share videos from all of the Christmases we had was to super-condense them, so that's what I did. Today we're sharing all seven of our Christmas stops in under 10 minutes. So here it is, our Christmas 2013…in a nutshell.


Thanks for watching!


sblind2 said...

WOW - I will no longer complain about our 4 (including our house) stops around the holidays :-) LOVE the Simpson tradition of dressing up!!

Adrien said...

That has always been my favorite part of the Simpson family Christmas. :)

Sara Simpson said...

Love the footage!!!!!!!!! Your kids are too cute.

Cassie said...

love this! when i saw the christmas with the simpson's coming up i immediately thought - yay they don't have to be mary and joseph this year. lol. too funny.

merry christmas!!


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