Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow days are hazardous to our health….

The Robert girls were invited to a cutie patootie's 4th birthday party that is coming up, and my girls are obviously looking forward to it :) When Evelyn saw the invitation she said, "We have to reply! We have to reply, mom!" She insisted that we "reply," which was cracking me up, because I've never heard her use that word before.

So Evie set to work on her very own rsvp. "How do you spell this?" "What does a 'd' look like, again?" And pretty soon she showed me the finished product.

"Stella dear, we would love to come to your birthday!  - Evelyn" 

Ahaha. I'm almost positive she meant to write "Dear Stella," but Stella dear is just hilarious and equally appropriate, so we're going with that. :D I told her I would show this to Stella's mom, so here you go, Cassie. We would love to come! Ha.

Yesterday was kind of a weird day. It was a snow day, which I totally was not expecting. But good call on the school's part…it took Eric 90 minutes to get to St. Louis yesterday morning. And my cousin Tyler, driving back to his school in Iowa in the wee hours of the morning, ended up having a scary accident. He rolled his truck 1 1/2 times and completely totaled it. Thankfully he walked away. Praise GOD! It is a lesson to be learned, though. We didn't get a ton of snow, but just because it doesn't look that bad outside, doesn't mean that it's fine to drive. If there is one thing this nasty winter has taught me, it's that it is better to have cabin fever than to take a risk on the roads. To quote The Croods, "Never not be afraid!" Haha, okay, maybe that's a little extreme.

And while we were stuck at home, one of my kids was injured. Please say prayers for Gracie. I couldn't tell you exactly what happened, but the gist is that Evelyn pulled on her arm somehow, and now Grace is in a lot of pain. I was out in the garage where our deep freeze is, getting some meat out to defrost for dinner, when I heard Gracie crying. Poor thing spent the entire afternoon on the couch with an ice pack moaning and crying, and as of bedtime, she was still cradling her lower arm. Really hoping it starts feeling better today, otherwise we'll be off to the doctor to have it looked at.  

EDITED: Looks like we'll be taking Gracie to the doctor today. It isn't any better this morning. 

After today we're going to be looking for a new pediatrician…again…. Eric logged onto the computer to check the office hours and there was a big announcement that our doctor was leaving the practice. We don't blame her. The offices she was at were terrible. Haha. We loved her, but not so much the staff working for her. So now we are on the hunt for someone in Waterloo/Columbia again. Isn't there someone that now has an office in Red Bud AND Waterloo? If you know who that is, let us know!

This post was all over the place, sorry! I have to get my kiddos dressed and ready to spread out in different directions today - Gracie to the doctor, Evie to school, and Reagan will just remain permanently attached to his mama. :) Hope you are having a perfectly normal, accident-free kind of day! 


Heather said...

I think the Red Bud/Waterloo pediatrician is Birner or Birkner. Something like that.

Adrien said...

Thank you, that sounds familiar!

Cassie said...

SO sorry i missed this yesterday!! LOVE the RSVP. lol.

we drove around and "delivered" the Red Bud invitations. Stella LOVED it.


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