Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sprained Gracie

Well, in the race to childhood afflictions, Gracie broke the tape on sprains. We still have bloody noses, black eyes, broken bones, and various illnesses to look forward to. :)

 Grace is showing off her bandage. 

"Smile Gracie!"

Eric took Gracie to the doctor to get x-rays, and he said that she did a wonderful job. So wonderful that they had a daddy/daughter date on the way home. Where did Gracie choose to go? Subway. Haha.  I love when either Eric or I get the chance to hang out with our kids one-on-one. It doesn't happen nearly enough. And even though we wish it were under different circumstances, Grace had a great day.  A great day with her dad. :)

Eric ended up taking the whole day off of work, and it was he who greeted Evie after school - a big surprise for her. Usually it's mom's smiling face she sees at the end of the day. We had a relaxing family afternoon and dinner with Eric's parents last night. The girls were excited to go somewhere that served "lemonade!" So it actually ended up being an okay day after all. 

As for Gracie's wrist, it's feeling much better today. She's back to her normal, crazy self! Thanks for the prayers and concern. I always knew Gracie would be the one sending us to the doctor's office, and it wasn't even her fault this time, haha!

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Heather said...

Glad everything is okay! What a little trooper!


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