Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday Check In


Ah, I LOVE long weekends - that extra day yesterday was invaluable. Eric was at work and in meetings…all…weekend…long….

We didn't get to do our grocery shopping for the week on Saturday, which we desperately needed. Thank the Lord for a Monday off, cause we'd be starving today otherwise, haha. Either that, or I would've had to drag three little kids and two shopping carts through a store by myself, and… I'd rather starve.

In other random news, our dvd player bit the dust. I was so excited when I picked up a copy of "Anastasia" for the kids and I to watch while Eric was doing his thing. We made popcorn, got all ready, and then the disc wouldn't play. What the heck? I tried everything. Attempted to play 10 other dvds. Nothing. It was a sad day. How did we fix the situation? Why, we bought a Playstation 3, of course!

Haha. We are big fans of Craigslist, and Eric found a great deal on a system that would play our dvd's and blue rays, and games, so...why not? Therefore, any free time we did get over the past few days was spent playing with the new family toy. :) We realize we're about eight years behind on technology, but that's how we roll.

Life is just so boring right now, friends. Thankfully the kids were able to get out and play in the decent weather while Eric and I shopped yesterday, but for the most part we've been house-bound. I'm so ready to get the heck outta here and do stuff again. Not a whole lot to blog about at the moment…which is probably why we're averaging two or three blog posts a week. Whoops!

And if we're being totally honest…I've been spending most of my free time planning our trips for the year. I don't get a ton of kid-free time, so when I do, all I feel like doing is dreaming of fun stuff ahead. Oh, and getting a head start on the kids' summer wardrobes. Because it's January, and I live in opposite land. ThredUp has been very good to me. Finding some great stuff from old favorites that aren't in stores anymore.

Like this little gem…

Sigh…Evie at one year old. :) So excited to have found this dress for both of the girls this year. It's the little things. Haha.

That's all I got.

My kids are driving me nuts today. :)

Is it summer yet?

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