Monday, February 24, 2014

Divide and Conquer!

Crazy crazy. We are a house divided at the moment.

Not like, in the ordinary way, per say. One of us is very busy right now. (Eric.) Which means one of us is very stuck-at-home right now. (Me.) We are two parents going in two different directions...but all pulling for the same cause, at least. :)

After all of the ridiculous Amber alerts last week and missing kids getting plucked up in broad daylight, it sort of weirded me out to share Eric's absence on the home front. A little unsettling to say the least. But he left us for a New Jersey business trip last week only to come home after we were all in bed, wake up the next morning and leave for work, speak at a dinner that night, come home after we were all in bed, wake up the next day and leave for another marathon weekend class....

We've barely seen the man. Luckily he's home for two days before he packs his bags and flies to Haiti to do some work with The Pitch this week.

We knew this crazy two week period was coming, and we had been dreading it for a while. Thankfully we're halfway through it! If we can get through the next week we'll be able to breathe for a bit. (And listen to me go on...I'm not even the one giving speeches and presentations and taking exams, haha. Poor Eric.)

Unfortunately, Reagan has one eyeball that seems to be regenerating goopy pink-eye stuff. I refuse to take my kid out when I don't have to when they have some sort of contagious something. So I was pretty much homebound all weekend. The girls did get to go out though with frequent visits to grandma and grandpa's house.

Since I'm sure you aren't interested in pictures of infected eyeballs, how about some pictures of my silly Gracie girl instead? She walked into the room the other day and announced, "I'm from New York!"

Guess Eric isn't the only one who has been doing some traveling. :)

And oh, we've been keeping busy while being stuck inside. Just look at all of the things that have been going on:

*Evelyn mastered whistling.
*Reagan now says "mama" when he loves me...not just when he's upset. That's something. :)
*Grace can recite the entire opening to "Jon & Kate + 8." Pure talent right there.
*I'm completely addicted to tracking down vintage clothing lines for the girls to have this summer. So hard to find two of everything...and so fun.
*Reagan is finally getting teeth on the right side of his mouth. No more jack-o-lantern smile.
*Evelyn has been writing books like nobodies business.
*Grace...hasn't changed much, really. She's still a pistol. Haha.
*I have been going to bed so early (for me) every night. My body isn't sure what to do with itself!
*I haven't had caffeine in many days. Again, body wigging out. Hey, maybe that's why I've been going to bed so early.
*We've started going through closets again, so someone tell me they are having a yard sale we can join in on...pretty please. :) I don't think I have the energy to do that again so soon!

See, our lives are so interesting! We're begging for Spring to arrive, obviously....

So moral of this story is that we're trucking along in complete survival mode right now. Just getting through each day. We would definitely appreciate prayers for Eric as he travels out of the country this week. All of the running around and lack of sleep is definitely wearing down his immune system, and he can't really afford to be sick at the moment. We're praying for his health, for safe travels, and that Eric has a great, productive trip!

Hope you all have a wonderful week. It might not be warm where we are, but the sun is shining! What a metaphor for life. :D


Heather said...

What a busy little family! Stay sane mama!

Cassie said...

hang in there lady!!

i lost it with that picture of grace. hilarious!


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