Thursday, February 13, 2014

Evie's Valentines

**Our internet is still being funky-fabulous, but I couldn't let it stop me from powering through to post today. I think we've finally found the problem, though. Hopefully we'll be up and running as normal again, soon. I miss being able to edit videos, too! **

And why did I have to post today? Well, I'll tell you. 

Because my kid has a Valentine's Day party at school this afternoon, and I am just so thrilled about that. :)

Oh, valentines - the cutest of cards. This is one of those, "I always dreamed of the day…." sort of days for me. (The first was Evelyn's very first Christmas program at school…which we missed…and I'm still depressed about.) 

I loved making out valentines for my classmates when I was in school. Loved writing names and slipping tiny cards into tiny envelopes. I loved passing them out during class parties, and I treasured the cards I received…I still have some from grade school somewhere, haha. And I always dreamed of the day that I would get to help my own kid with their valentines. 

Never mind that Evie had to make out generic cards with just her name on them. And we can't bring in home made treats anymore or pretty much anything that I held so dear when I was her age. Sigh…. That's okay. It took enough time just getting her to sign her own name twenty times. :)

Evelyn was so proud of herself. She did it all on her own with very little supervision from me. From writing her name to putting the suckers into each card.

When Evie was finished we had a few leftover suckers, so I asked the kids if they wanted one. When I got to Gracie I said, "Would you like a sucker, too?" And with a sly smile she slowly lifted one hand and revealed that she had already swiped one when I wasn't looking. Baha. 

You know how when kids are little and they think they are hiding something from you, but really you watched them do whatever they think they are getting away with the whole time? Yeah, I believe we're past that stage. My girls are just full-on stealthy now. Evie smuggled toys in her coat to school the other day, and I had no idea. It's a whole new era of parenting…. :D

I can't wait to pick Evelyn up from preschool today and hear all about her day. I'm probably more excited than she is to look at all of her valentines. 

We are thrilled to have an extra-long family weekend coming up. Evie doesn't have school tomorrow, so Eric took the day off, too. We're hoping to take the kids somewhere fun and make our valentine's dinner tomorrow evening. Get ready for your Facebook feeds to be flooded with people making heart-shaped food…you know it's coming. Haha. Embrace it. Make some of your own. Bonus points if you color it pink. ;)

Alright, that's enough of that. Later gators!


Heather said...

I can't wait to start doing these things either! Christmas programs are definitely on the top of my list. Actually, anything where I get to watch my daughter perform something cute :)

And I love Evie's hair right now. So cute at that length.

Adrien said...

We are kindred spirits! :D I actually like Evie's hair short, too. (But I have to admit that I do miss the piggy tails!)

sblind2 said...

Love it!! It totally must be a girl thing .. I begged Brody to go to Target with me to pick out Valentine's for his friends and his reply was "just pick something out cool for me" (which I did, but called anyways to double check) We tried 2 different nights to write his name on all 19 of them and he got through about 6 ... he's told Matt "can't you just write my name on them" Good thing I have a girl next up for stuff like this!!

Adrien said...

It took Evie a few days, too! That's a lot of writing for a preschooler, haha. Yes, you'll have gobs of fun with Brooke on this "frilly" stuff. :D


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